Clay, I wonder if you would run interferrence

for the rank and file membership who cannot get into the Scout call center to cancel their account with Scout. The recorded message just says its closed and we should call back during business hours.

You may not be able to apply pressure now but anything you can do is appreciated.

Please take a look at the pinned post at the top of this forum. It may help with your issue.

I have been trying to call Scout to cancel and so far I can’t speak to a live human being.

Their web site claims that Customer Service is open 9-5:30 Central. I called at around 4 yesterday and got a recorded message that they are only open until 4:30 Eastern.

This morning at about 9:10 led again, got a voice message, was put on hold for several minutes, and then got disconnected.
Called back twice, got the same voice message to hold, followed several minutes later by another voice message saying the Customer Service center was currently closed, and call back during business hours.

UPDATE: I e-mailed Scouts customer Service account, detailed the above, and demanded that they immediately cancel my subscription. I got a reply within a few minutes confirming the cancellation. So rather than call, you might want to just e-mail.

I had no problem…they put me on hold for about 2 m minutes and then it was done. Received confirmation within 30 seconds after the call ended. Just lucky, I guess.