Clay , I want to see your article on this schedule

Absolutely no logic to give us both UF and UGA… makes you wonder if the Big 12 would not be better…


This makes no sense. I do not believe there has ever been anything to compare to this.


By the way…if you have any doubt at who the royalty is vs. who the “step children” are…just look at Mizzou’s 2 opponents…then look at who Alabama and Georgia picked up.

Tells you all you need to know.

Seriously…how did they do this? A lottery? Some committee didn’t actually make this “decision” did they?

Another poster on here I think nailed it… the SEC will try to claim that they were trying to get Pittman and Georgia together and Frank’s and Florida the square off. At least that’s what they would tell you probably.

Has to be by far (!) the toughest schedule of any team in the nation. Hopefully the players will not let the week after week poundings by the nations top teams get them down. At this point, we are outmanned by most of the teams on our schedule, and there is just no way to be “up” every week in order to meet the challenges. Let’s all be realistic and support the team and coaches! I agree with the opinions of others that there will be better times ahead.


Quite simple to me. The SEC replaced UGA and Bama nonconference cupcakes with Arkansas to soften their all SEC schedule . They see UA as cannon fodder for the elites.


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I posted how I felt on another thread already. It is all just disgusting to see and a joke. Screw the clown that was in charge. Sorry- just really disgusted by it all.

Clay, If the money is remotely close, Arkansas should go to the Big 12. The basketball is better, the baseball close, and only football is worse. The good news is that the big 12 has only one big time cheater(OU) and the SEC is dirty as can be in football,

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Might want to check some of basketball schools in Big 12 for cheating. Kansas and Baylor and others.

I’ve said before that when the Big 12’s contract comes to an end, a resurgence of the old SWC could be beneficial. You keep the current Big 12 schools(minus WV) and add school like Arkansas, Mizzou, and Nebraska and you’ve got a good conference for the big 3 sports. The problem is Texas, UT ruins everything.

And bow down to the shorthorns? spit

No thanks.

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Texas (spit) tea sippers. Never ever. This schedule is horrible but nothing close to the screw jobs we received at the hands of the SWC and Texas (spit again). Sigh…

Makes me wonder if we need a change at AD. If he can’t do better than this, he is not good enough for the job.

Won’t find a better AD than we have, he appeared to be just as shocked as we were in the article I read.


Yes, but it it’s a big problem. I like where we are, but I don’t like what I’m seeing right now

That is NOT a good sign.

So let’s go to a conference that Texas controls? Yeah, great idea. We would get screwed there too just like we did in the SWC. Plus the Big XII doesn’t share the revenue evenly. Texas and OU get most of the money, then the other 8 share. It’s pure BS. Why do you think Texas A&M left?? Going to the Big XII would make us look like a bunch of wusses running from competition and getting the same screw job there too. I don’t get why some fans want us to be in the Big 12. When their TV contract is up in 2024, the Big 12 will be no longer. Mark my words. Then we would be left out to dry with no conference.

Plus I wouldn’t get too excited over a home schedule like this:

Iowa St
Texas Tech
Oklahoma St
Kansas St


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From all reports, Mark Womack in the SEC office did the schedule, and he was under pressure to get it out quickly. HY had zero input. Did we get screwed? Yeah. So did Misery. Tennessee also picked up two opponents that are in the preseason top 25. We have SIX opponents in the preseason top 25. What criteria did Womack use? We have no idea.