Clay I think we got a classic quote from Coach Pitman

“All we needed was on the plane “

That sure did seem to sum it up and galvanize the team.


Also “this is just the beginning”. Those kids believe in him.


I really need @hogmaestro to start a thread about “if we lose I don’t want to see any we should’ve hired Gus threads”

It’s 1-0 so far

I think he believes in them as well. That is why the “buy in” is there from the kids.


My favorite and I think the team’s favorite last night was…



My lead was about only bringing 67. And they all played hard. To me to get a team to play hard consistently is the essence of coaching. You can bring 70.


As I recall, the way Sam put it in the locker room video clip was something like “All we needed was who we had on the plane”…something like that.

Agree…great line.

Yes yes but we did not know the locker room stuff at 11 pm.

Understood…that’s why I referenced the locker room clip that came out at some point later. That’s the version I saw/heard when it was posted. Sounds like a paraphrasing of what he told the media…same general sentiment.

No. He did not tell that to the media. It was the thought I had when the final tick went off the game and what I wrote.

Misunderstood your first post in this thread, Clay, as the OP/thread was about “a classic quote from Coach Pittman”. In that context, when you referenced your lead, I therefore assumed it was based on a comment from Sam sometime during the post-game, as per that theme.

Now that we’ve parsed that to death, bottom line is that it was a good lead (that you wrote), and a memorable quote (that Sam did say, and that I referenced here).

I wish we had access to locker room.

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