Clay: I promise that wasn’t me screaming about suits!

And Rafe to you and Bo on the radio!! :smiley:

I live in Little Rock and that guy is an embarrassment to Central Arkansas. And by the way, I recently ate at the Capital club and did not have a tie on, business casual. I’ve always wanted to know why a person is so adamant on I told you so. I think it is a character flaw. Would love to talk to a psychologist and find out why a person is like that. I was listening and just had to go to another station. That is the sort of person I wouldn’t let on the show. Just wants to hear himself talk. Add to that he was condescending. Not the kind of person that has lots of friends I’ll bet. I would label him as a pathetic person.

I don’t try to figure out which are the good snakes and the bad ones. I quickly cut off their heads and sleep good. If you call yourself a snake, you deserve to lose your head.

Yep. Only good snake, spider, mosquito or fly is a dead one.

If you have to say, ‘look at me’ or ‘I called that play’, you already revealed
too much.

I love that there is excitement around Hog Football.