Clay: I must say....

You reading song lyrics on Bo’s show is radio gold. I laughed my arse off the other day listening to you do that. I see a record deal in the future! :smiley:

A man of mant talents

I keep thinking they will hand me some George Strait songs. Alas, it just hasn’t happened yet.

I don’t hear Bo’s show anymore and it was good. He was on the Buzz but then I heard him out of Benton last year. Now can’t find him on the radio. Can I still get the Sports show with Bo Mattingly in Little Rock? Drive-time Sports on 103.7 with homers Randy, Rick, Marcus, Ray, Joe, along with Trey Biddy’s reports at five is my favorite now. Yes, after 25 years of living here and drinking the Kool-Aid I have become a bit of a homer.

So, what was it? Zeppelin? AC/DC?

920 AM in Little Rock
Starts at 2 pm

I don’t know the Rap artists. Never heard of most of them. T-Pain? Nellie? Who knows.

I’ve also done Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and some others that I’d rather just not know what they sing.

There are several apps you can listen to Bo’s show on.

The ESPN 99.5 app out of Fayetteville is one of them.