Clay, I just listened to the Kevin Scanlon Hog Pod

And that hour just flew by.

I got to know Kevin pretty well on the Hill; he was probably as nice to me as any Hog athlete at the time, and there remarkably weren’t too many jerks up there. I knew some of that stuff about him (when the Gazette shut down, I seriously considered calling him and seeing if there was something I could do at Stephens; maybe I should have made that call).

Great interview with a great Hog!

Very interesting and Kevin is a most impressive guy. One could see why he was likely a great leader and why he is probably successful in his life after football. Being an old school guy, I always enjoy seeing those who defined what being a student athlete meant as well as those that leveraged their talents outside of their sport.

I am also proud of the athletes who made sports their vocation and especially proud when they represent themselves and our program in positive ways. I know the world has changed, so the Kevin Scanlon, Scott Bull, etc types of stories are probably less common, but I still hope our Hogs both succeed and represent.

I have great respect for Kevin as a person.

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