clay how was the run blocking?

i know they emphasized that this week…numbers don’t look all that eye opening…what did you see?

Clay was not there today. I watched the run blocking. It looked OK, but it’s still hard to tell just how good the first-team line is doing because it is going up against the backup defenders. I did not see any defenders hit a back in the backfield today.

Jackson had a nice block on a goal-line run that led to Devwah Whaley scoring. That was about the only time I noticed him in the run game. There was an emphasis to have the backup QBs pass the ball with the first offense; not so much run work during the open portion.

going against the backup defenders we should have put up some big numbers,if we cant dominate them then how will they ever block SEC defenses… I am afraid we worked so hard on Pass blocking to the neglect of run blocking,but if you cant run you will 3rd and long a lot and they are going to pin their ears back…hopefully we will get to where we can run for 200 YPG ad pas for about 250.

Again, the first offensive line did not do much work running the ball today during the open portion. It probably happened more during what was closed to us.

Remember all we got to see was the second half with a lot of that being developmental guys

oh I’m sorry thought you were able to see them…

Please emphasize this more.

Please emphasize this more. We have a lot of ledge jumpers this morning.