Clay: How good is the women's golf team?

I see where they are ranked #1. They have always been pretty good but lately have seemed to up their game. Is that the result of the addition of an excellent player or two, e.g., Fassi and Kim?

Not Clay but I’m plugged in to the golf program and can say that without a doubt, both programs are in really good hands right now. Shauna has built a juggernaut, Fassi, Uriell, Kim, Gorlei could play in the top 5 for anyone in the country. In the not too distant past, Benton would’ve been the #1 or #2 here. She’s got a nice pipeline to South America going (Regina, Gabby, now Maria Fassi and Maria Hoyos) but you’ll see a lot of diversity to their recruiting. Local, (Lavy girls, Brooke Matthews), Texas, California, South Africa, etc.

This team was going to be really good before Kim transferred here but now they’re stupid good. Maria has really raised her game after slumping last Spring. The #1 ranking is well deserved, they’re stacked.

Adding on to your point, Arkansas hasn’t just won these tournaments, but dominated pretty good fields.

The Mason Rudolph Championship had three top 10 teams, including Nos. 2 and 3, Alabama and Arizona State. Arkansas won that event by several strokes with an NCAA-record tying 41-under. ANNIKA has several top teams each year and Arkansas won it by 12 strokes.

This could be a pretty strong team for a couple of years, including 2019 when the NCAA Championships are in Fayetteville at The Blessings.

Women’s team is 57-under in the two tournaments so far this year. I’ve never heard of that in college women’s golf. That’s unbelievable. I know the wind blew the first day in Minnesota and they battled rain, too. They definitely have earned their No. 1 ranking. They are excellent at all five spots. They will have days where they throw out a good score. That’s the difference between being good and great.

On the men’s side, Overstreet and Alvaro are fantastic players. They haven’t gotten the bottom end of the lineup going great – like the women’s team has.

Kim has been up and down. If he gets going, then they could probably be a top 10 team, maybe better. McMakin thought last spring that things were shaping up to make this one of his best teams. He was correct. Overstreet is scary long and has developed into a terrific putter. There are a lot of good ball strikers in college golf and some that are long. But what Overstreet has is a great putter. I’m not talking about good, but great.

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