Clay how do you feel about Kelly running this offense

I know he ran this type offense in Hs and he’s lost weight but I’m not sold on his accuracy,just seemed to fire the ball last year and was not sharp… I may be wrong but I don’t see him being effective and why I really hope we give Noland every opportunity to play and I know you think he RS but I just beleive he can step in and do what Fromm did at Ga and I know he had much better personnel arounf him but Noland IMO is a much much better athlete than Kelly and much more fundamentally sound in footwork and has just as strong a arm…what do you think??

Not, Clay but we have to first observe them in practice. It won’t take long to get an idea as to who can run the offense more effectively.

It will be interesting to see how Cole performs in this offense. His weight is down from 275 to 260 since CCM has arrived. But the coach wants him down to 250. He will have to get in top shape to play in this system. He (IMO) is not there yet.

I’ll be at the spring game and can’t wait to see who steps up.

if he can get down to 250 that will really increase his mobilty,then we will see if he can get that accuracy better,seemed to throw high a lot last yr and that is never good. looking forward to see him and see how he does.

last season and was getting pummeled by the SEC West best defenses. I watched him throughout High School and he is accurate when he’s not running for his life

yeah, he was pummeled last year but I saw too many passes thrown behind the receiver or at their feet… I know there was a whole lot of things to “think” about for a freshman…Hoping he feels more comfortable this year but I do feel the competition IS wide open.

Kelly has lost some weight but there appears from the video his body structure has been shifted even more to a leaner build. Increased mobility and experience should refine throwing errors to a certain degree and all of that bodes well for his development. He completed 58% of his passes and getting to the mid-60’s should be a natural progression if his head is on straight and the partying is limited.

Kelley was the most accurate in the passing drills I saw yesterday. Hyatt was not accurate. Kelley has the most zip on his passes and it’s not really close. I would expect him to be the QB. Hyatt did show flashes, but he’s inconsistent in where the ball comes even on short passes. He has to improve a lot. I know he has some foot speed, but it’s still about throwing as far as the top priority. I would expect that all the QBs are learning some new things as far as exactly where Joe Craddock and Chad Morris want them in mechanics and there may be some rough edges early. Morris was working with the QBs in some of the early drills, along with Craddock.

Since the QB position is so important for CCM’s offense that he will be very hands on for that position.

QBs were more accurate in early stuff today.