Clay how did the 1st OL pass block

this is the main thing that will make or break us on offense,being in the gun should help a lot but i still have concerns about Jackson at LT,hopefully our screen game and hot routes to TE will slow teams down but how did the 1st group look to you?

It was reported the defense had 11 sacks.

Fantastic DL or poor OL? Probably somewhere in between.

LT…such an important player and we’ve not seen anyone on our roster do it even close to well.

I’m not worried about guards, and BWallace at RT has shown that he can play well. Not to his recruiting hype YET, but well enough for us to win. Clay seems less worried about Center, and that is great news, since it’s the only other position on offense that I worry about.

But LT…gives me nightmares like Freddie Kruger lol


Yes LT will make or break your Pass game.I’m very concerned about Jackson! just not very good IMO and Wallace is having a good Spring and he needs too because he was awful last yr… The Gun will help becasue of all the screens and hot routes we will throw but eventually you have to go to the deeper routes and Protection has to be on point especially if Kelly is the QB!!

Joe Craddock told me he thought the whistle was blown too quickly on a lot of those plays and would have liked to have seen the quarterbacks be able to have the chance to extend the play. That’s what happens when the quarterbacks are off limits, although that may be changing soon. Craddock and Chad Morris both said they would like to have the quarterbacks hit some this spring.

Something else to remember about the 11 sacks: that was for the entire 100-plus play scrimmage, not just for the first team. There were a couple of sacks with the third teamers in which the quarterback just didn’t release the ball quick enough.

I thought both the first offensive line and first defensive line won some plays and lost some plays. The one that stands out in my mind is when McTelvin Agim and Randy Ramsey both collapsed on Cole Kelley at the same time. Dre Greenlaw also did a nice job of reading a cadence and getting to the quarterback before a lineman or running back could pick him up. I think that might have been on one of the plays in which T.J. Hammonds was lined up next to Kelley, hence Morris’ comments about him needing to be better in pass blocking.

From what I have seen, this offense is not going to give up a lot of sacks because of the time in which the quarterback is expected to release the ball. Most of the pass plays yesterday were screens, inside slants and fade patterns. The ball was coming out of the quarterback’s hand quickly just about every play.

Remember Bama using that RB release pass that just killed us one year (or more, maybe), where the RB just stepped outside of a strong rusher and the QB just pitched over the rusher’s head and the RB was free to run? Maybe that would be an appropriate use of a RB that doesn’t block well. The defense has to worry about such a release, and maybe that helps the rush.

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I didn’t take much from the scrimmage. The whistle was quick. In fact, Joe Craddock told me afterwards “it was way quick.” If someone looked like they were close to the QB, Chad Morris blew the whistle. Some of those the QB was in the process of stepping up and would not have been sacked. Both Craddock and John Chavis downplayed any stats from the scrimmage. I thought the QB play was average. They will have to do much better. But, I don’t think you can tell anything about that part of a scrimmage if there is no contact on QBs, and the whistle is being blown that quickly. As far as where the pass protection is, probably just OK. I do think Brian Wallace has improved. I didn’t watch Colton Jackson any.

This was a scrimmage that was about impossible to cover. It was on the practice field. So all of the vantage points were field level. And there were places to watch from both end zones and the east boundary of the practice field. You could not stand in the middle between the fields. There were 600 people there, around 400 recruits and family members. One end zone was full and one sideline was full.

So you can’t see much that happens in the interior from the sideline. I watched about 30 minutes from the side, then went to the end zone and stood next to the goal post, all alone. Got to see more of the inside after that. I did watch Bumper Pool some. I worry a little about his raw speed on going sideline to sideline. I have to remind myself that he should be in high school right now.

Aloha Clay,

Thank-you very much for a very objective analysis and report. Appreciate you being our eyes and ears!


thanks Clay I appreciate it…