Clay hits a home run here on Danny Ford

These stories are priceless: … rd-deserv/

Great article, not surprising because not only was Clay writing it, you could tell there was more than a coach/reporter feeling that Clay sprinkled into his story.

I always liked Danny, because I knew the Hogs were going to be physical on both sides of the line. I remember watching a game versus Tennessee and they were beating us soundly and looking a bit like they were running up the score (Phat Phil was prone to kick you when you were down) and Heath Schuler was still in at QB. The sideline mics caught Danny in a fit of frustration saying something similar to hoping Heath would blow a knee. Not a good thing to say, but it seemed right at the time and certainly showed his competitive side.

I really liked this story. It is one of the best I have seen on here in a long time. Not knocking any other writers/stories in the past but this one is just a great story. I laughed out loud at some of the comments but I also enjoyed how much praise was given to him concerning making these young boys into men. Great job.

Great read

Thanks Clay!

That was an awesome article. Thanks.

enjoyable article–Coach Ford took over at a difficult time @ UA—never made excuses…glad to see he is receiving HOF honors…

I love that article, Clay.

I remember when Ford spoke at the NWA TD club. It was obvious that his former players loved him. I also remember that there were three potential high school players of the year there. One was (I think) Brey Cook. Danny wondered why there had been no o-linemen built like Brey when he was coaching and recruiting.

Liked Danny when he was here. Thought he was let go too soon.

The knee game was in LR and it had been a somewhat close game, but was over at that time. He did not say blow a knee but said he hoped he took a knee.

I thought everybody understood about the problems with heifers having that first calf. Never on time, and often a problem. I have had both arms up to my shoulders inside one several times trying to help with those calves. City folks just don’t get it. His statement makes perfect sense.

Love Danny. He did a great job taking us into the SEC. His agent contacted me a while back asking if we would be interested in Danny being a spokesperson for Little Debbie products. He said Danny loved them. I was tempted to call Danny and talk Hog football. But thought that would not be fair to Dannyy since we don’t do celebrity spokespersons.

Nothing like pulling a calf. My one and only experience doing that helped me get out of the cattle business. Plus I had a tendency to buy high and sell low.

Thanks Danny Ford for all you have done for our state.