Clay hinted (before the season)

That KJ Jefferson would be a better QB than Feleipe Franks. I had my doubts.

Clay was on to something.

Franks was plenty good, but Jefferson is better.


Btw, there’s lots of talk about Briles on the board today.

He seems to do very well in developing QBs.

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They are very different QB’s. FF was a more polished passer, and KJ is a more willing and effective runner.

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KJ is more of a running back in build. Franks leaner, more frail as a runner.

Both are really good quarterbacks.

Franks made average WRs look better …

KJ makes plays out of nothing!

Both have that it factor!

QB play can change a program…. Look at these two !

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Most important position on field. Bama has taken off with Saban when it started getting better QB play. LSU would be similar if it had consistent QB play. Arkansas has had it’s best days when it had good QB play. Development in that position is most critical to team’s success these days.

Who at the start of the year , could have seen KJ leading two minute drives to score when game was on the line as he has–against the completion faced?. KB has done great job with quarterback developments in two years.

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There was proof that he did that against Missouri. Basically, that’s why he had the confidence of coaches that he would be their QB. It’s the snap shot everyone liked. At least it was for me.

Both Franks and KJ are gamers. KJ has the chance to really be good before he’s done on the hill! If the OLine can continue to get better and his reads improve he will be dangerous! He seems to be improving on the short passes but his long ball is pretty accurate. There were a few time he has had greeen grass in front of him and he has throw the ball! Then you hear he is dinged up! Man KJ is tough. If either one of the Allen brothers were built like KJ we would still be looking at looking at replays.
He has the will to go for it! Clam in interviews and press interviews! He always give praise to his teammates.

KJ is highlighted in this story from SDS

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