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Excellent job of getting Hatfield and this is a great reason why this site is solid.

It seems to me that too many Arkansas fans seem to have disdain for all former Hog coaches. I know Hatfield was not popular when he was here, largely due to his style. I know I defended him more times than I can recall.

That said, I hope ALL Hog fans now understand how great a coach and man Kenny Hatfield is…and how he is more true-blue Hog than any former coach we have had. By far.

I hope we see the counter-iso several times Hopefully with “Doovwah Wally!” (Sir!) :lol: :lol: :lol:

I always liked Ken Hatfield. He is one of Arkansas’ treasures. A great student athlete. A great representative of our state. And, a solid coach. I’ve always wondered how he would have done with the Darren, Felix, and Hillis group, sans the QB and plus a signal caller who had wheels. I wish he didn’t have to leave for Clemson.

Our AD was having challenges with great coaches at that time.