Clay Henry's Top 10 Keys (North Texas)

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Clay, you are putting a great deal of emphasis, and hope, on players who have played little or none this season. I get that we need something to change, but I believe we are what we are and the addition of all of the players you mention–Greenlaw, Ramsey, Jackson, O’Grady, or even a new QB–are a grasp for a hope and a prayer. Granted, we need our best players on the field, but we also need ALL of our players to be able to step up and win games, particularly against teams that we should beat. Even our most experienced wide receiver, Cornelius, has failed to produce–either receiving or returning punts. This weekend is going to be a critical metric on where this team is–coaches and players alike. Execution, effort, play calling, focus and endurance will win with any 11 players we put on the field Saturday. Lack one of those areas and it might be another miserable week next week.

Speed and ability are critical. That’s especially so at linebacker, defensive end, left offensive tackle and, of course, quarterback.

The most important aspect of coaching is to get the best players on the field. And, right there beside it is to coach fundamentals and technique. I know this staff believes all that to be true.

Agree with your thoughts Clay - a very good QB vs. a team with no identity at QB.

Does not bode well at all and why I picked NT- hope I’m wrong.

If CK and TS struggle again I hope one of the freshman gets to play. How much longer can you keep trying something without progression? They have had all spring and fall to try and separate themselves and it just won’t happen.

We have to be close to turning the page.

What are our options at quarterback, really? Are Hyatt, Noland or Jones viable options or just wishful thinking on our part? I have never seen any of these 3 play in high school or practice. I saw a little of Daulton Hyatt in the spring game. He is athletic, but apparently has some other problems because he is playing behind 2 guys who haven’t played very well. The coaches must think he is not as good as Storey or Kelley.

If Noland, Hyatt or Jones were really impressive talents…why would they not get some playing time?

Hyatt’s problem is accuracy in the passing game. Noland and Jones are still in a learning stage. It’s difficult for a true freshman to absorb everything then adapt to the speed of the college game. Defensive coverages, and just speed is a different animal compared to high school.