Clay Henry

Has a great front page article on the Anderson situation. Everyone should read it. It’s about the jimmys and joes. Good article clay. … shortfall/

I agree

Clay, is right on the money.

Ditto— in today’s world it is the jimmies and joes always

Nicely done.

And perhaps a commentary on the unknown as we try to compete at high levels in modern ball

By the way, how does Bruce Pearl skate?

Great commentary, Clay. We can always count on you to sum things up perfectly. Well done, as usual…

Clay’s article wasn’t just about the Jimmys and Joes.

It was about the shadiness in today’s recruitment of them and how MA wouldn’t participate and that may have led to his demise—something that has been said here for awhile by others and labeled by many as “an excuse”.

Let’s be sure that the “everybody does it” crowd read those last several paragraphs.

For whatever reason, those ending paragraphs were the most pointed, direct criticism I have seen naming names/schools that are/were shady.

I welcome more of that. I’m tired of the bizarre “honor among thieves” approach of most of the people in and around the sport.

It has aided a culture of “they all do it” rationalizations which help prop up the biggest racketeerers and 2-bit wannabe gangsters in the industry and has made life for the few who do it right very difficult.

Talent is important but you can’t tell me
Coaching was not a part of his demise

That—with very few exceptions—is exactly what Clay told you regarding MA.

I have always thought that when both Allen and Monk didn’t come here that Mike’s days were numbered. He is a good man and Clay you are exactly right!

Clay’s article was so special to read and was a breath of fresh air after reading Wally’s article yesterday, which offered nothing of value. I don’t know why I sometimes get suckered in to read Wally’s writings because I get so frustrated and ask myself "what us he saying or what information is he offering?’ Clay continues to give a perspective of true sports knowledge that he or others possess and a long understanding of everything Arkansas. I always feel a little smarter after reading his stuff.

Great article Clay.

hmmm. I thought his headline was coaching was not the problem

Absolutely superb article—wish I could express my feelings and opinions so well— well done clay and agree with your assessment complete

I am a fan of Clay, I think he really does a wonderful job. He gives his thoughts and opinions and will give you a piece of his mind. I think the article is well written and give me info that made me think.

I do not personally agree with some of the points. I think it reads like a shot at Kelvin Sampson…

I think Kelvin Sampson might have operated in the “gray” and others operate in the “gray”… but its about finding an edge and that is not cheating, might not be the “Arkansas” way, but its not cheating.

Until we move away from the current “Arkansas” way we will never be competitive in the SEC.

Its not just Razorback sports where the “Arkansas” way has robbed us from progress. You know Arkansas could have had “FedEx” located in Little Rock, but it was not the “Arkansas” way. We could have had Casino’s and MLB spring training in Hot Springs… would have been the original Las Vegas but it was not the “Arkansas” way…

Well I for one am sick of the “Arkansas” way!

I’m sick of the Arkansas way tooo. Ef the Good ole boy system. And btw- did we hire Sampson? I saw nowhere that Sampsons name was mentioned? If we do hire Sampson, he better perform. I see a lot of people that will have a very short leash with him.

That’s how I took it… and I disagree with that… I am talking about that specific article and what my reaction is to it.

Clay has a true talent writing. Always precise but sometimes a little vague again precisely vague when he needs to be. I wish he and Seattle would have a cage match to establish a HI writing champion. The winner could get a free chicken dinner at Mt. Nebo. Clay this article was absolutely one of your best!

It’s important to read the article. The headline said recruiting was the problem.

Then, he said in the article there were a few “Xs and Os” exceptions but that coaching by and large wasn’t the problem—recruiting/cheating was.

Then, you say “you can’t tell me Coaching wasn’t part of his demise”.

I’m saying that for the most part, Clay’s article suggests he pretty squarely disagrees with you.

Great article, CH! Spot on on many fronts IMO! ghg

It’s a great article but Clay is naive if he thinks Arkansas didn’t operate in the grey area under Richardson.