Clay Henry: Teams will keep running QBs at Arkansas … ows-it-ca/

I hope the coaches figure it out or it will a long SEC season.

My wife made a couple of observations during the A&M game. She said it looked like our defense never had 11 players on the field. She looked at me and said we always look outnumbered. She was right! We must get the defense issues corrected as murderers row is looming…

The quarterback draw with 13 seconds left in the first half was said to be against a prevent defense. I’ve never seen prevent with no middle safety. Both were wide and depressed close to the line. If that’s prevent, put a safety in the middle. It looked like they had both safeties to give help to the corners over the top. That’s fine and good. Pull a defensive linemen, rush with three and put another defensive back in the middle. Or pull two and play another linebacker and another DB. I like some of the schemes, but I didn’t like that one. Bielema brought it up in the post-game before I could ask about it. He brought it up again on Monday, noting that scheme has been addressed with coaches. He said it definitely won’t be used again.

As strange as this may sound to many on this board, it appears to be a good opportunity for extended playing time for the backup linebackers as Alcorn will spread us out to run the QB which makes them one dimensional. If Dline does not get pressure , doesn’t make much difference as Ellis and Greenlaw will be chasing receivers all game long. Dline needs to step up as offense will score enough but we need to stuff this QB run option with Bama looming next week.