Clay Henry remembers Harry Jones … ht-behold/

Great story about a great Razorback!!!

This is before my time but I so enjoy reading about our legends like this. Very nice piece, Clay.

Hard to find the right words.
I enjoyed getting to know Harry and his mom and dad.

Thanks Clay for such a wonderful story about a great person. I was fortunate to be able to hang out with the Razorback players during Harry’s playing days and all of them were great with Harry being really special. Do you remember “All the way with LBJ”, meaning Lindsey, Brittenum and Jones?

I do not recall LBJ. I do remember the song about Harry: run Harry Run … Run you son of a gun Give that ball to Harry Jones. I could sing the whole thing at one point.

I talked to Johnny Majors today. Will write more on Harry at some point today.

By the way, my brother Butch says the PA announcer who did the TCU game and proclaimed Harry Jones as Lighthorse Harry was Bud Pyron. That matches what I thought, but was not 100 percent until talking with Butch.

“Light Horse” Harry Jones was one of my childhood idols. What a nice tribute to a great former Hog. Thanks Clay!

My favorite jersey number has always been #23 — Lance Alworth and Harry Jones.