Clay Henry on Trex Knox's spring game … ring-game/

He’s got a bright future for sure but for him to take off like we want,we’re going to need treylon Burks and some of these other receivers to be big-time targets so they can’t focus on him so much. I think our tight ends are going to be incredibly effective but we need Big Time players on the outside and I think Knox and Burks can do it.

Knox, Burks, Woods and K. Jackson would sure seem to be a physical upgrade over what we’ve had in recent years.

I think that a lot of people are overlooking TQ Jackson. I think that he is the most underrated player of all the receivers. I agree with Burks, Woods and maybe Koilan and our tight ends. I think that TQ is a home run hitter! We finally have some big time receivers that not only can get open, but also, can catch the football and then do something with it. Of course, as many of you have said, our offensive line and our running backs (who block) have to give our QB enough time to throw to our better receivers. Go Hogs!

I obviously didn’t mean to leave out Knox, as he is a big time recruit!

The key for these young receivers is going to be how soon they learn and their ability to get separation at the LOS when going against some of the best DB’s in the SEC and the country. It’s very difficult to make the plays downfield if you’re basically stopped at the LOS. Although we have an improved secondary, that is still a very young unit also. So practicing against them isn’t quite the same yet as what they will face in the SEC.

I agree!

Some of this is why Ben Hicks emphasizes that Trey Knox must gain some strength this summer, to get off press coverage at the line of scrimmage. Huge key.