Clay Henry on the return of Briston Guidry … dy-action/

Many people sleep on this guy, if he can remain healthy this is a draft worthy talent.

So, we are so good on the defensive line that Sosa Agim is not on first team? I have a hard time believing that. Somebody please explain.

I think we’ll see both Sosa and Guidry start by mid-season. If not, then the other DTs are the real deal. Time will tell, starting next Saturday!

Great read Clay

I think for the DL if they really do rotate a lot of guys as planned then you look at number of snaps and who plays in critical situations to determine who they think is the best, not necessarily who trots out there for the first series.

After watching Guidry play a few times in high school I felt he was a really good DL. Injuries have limited him. Hopefully he’s healthy and ready to contribute

I think we are all sleeping on Guidry and the fact that Armon Watts is a surprise on the DL. Armon has an ALL SEC body and has finally started playing at a good level. Armon’s progress made it easier for us to move Capps. Guidry is a beast with quickness. Hopefully Jonathan Marshall will reach his potential. He is a stud like Guidry but not quite as quick of a first move.

I do like the new staff however I recall the move to the 3-4 last year was made due to lack of depth on the D line, guess that places me in the " we shall see" crowd. Hope the hype on depth and the blitz every down is not just preseason coach speak.

In my opinion, we had some quick attacking Dlineman that were recruited and put into a scheme that didn’t fit them.
We turned them into almost full time lane pluggers so LB’s could clean up. Our back 7 kept the ball in front of them and hardly ever blitzed. Froholdt and Capps were the only ones that fit that style but Oline craters required them to be moved. This new attacking front will still require the Dline to plug the lanes at times but will allow the DL to be aggressive part of the time. We wasted Agim and Ramsey in RS and PR Defenses.

I REALLY hope you are right. We keep hearing from our players and coaches how awesome Agim and Ramsey are, and there’s no doubt that they have the size and speed to do great things and play in the NFL…but there’s a lot more to playing football than height, weight and speed.

we have not seen these 2 players make lots of sacks, disrupt offenses or do much of anything else. Agim has games here and there, but he’s not had the impact I thought he would.

I soooo hope that you’re right and a change in coaches/scheme allows these 2 studs to perform like studs. It would make a huge difference in our d.


Go rewatch the Ole miss game and if you pay attention you will never doubt Sosa’s contribution to this team. They destroyed us in the first quarter and did almost nothing after that, there was one 280 pound difference, i will let you figure out what that is.