Clay Henry on John Chavis' first in Fayetteville

Clay sat down with John Chavis this week and went over a number of topics. … inds-firs/

Excellent read Clay! Thank you!

The more that I learn about this man the more I appreciate having him as one of our key coaches. I wish him success in all his endeavors, not just as a Razorback.

Thanks for the article Clay…

We are blessed to have John Chavis.
It is also a blessing to be able to read
a well written article.

Thanks, Clay.

There is more for another story. That will come in another few days. We talked about a lot of things for a long time. He has great stories. We shared stuff on Jim Washburn. He would take his coaches to watch Jim coach techniques with the Titans.

We talked about why he plays freshmen. It’s good stuff. We shared stories about Louis Campbell, too. Chief took Louis’ son Shep as his GA at Tennessee.