Clay Henry on his favorite Arkansas football staffs … ll-staffs/

I would say that my all-time favorite UA assistant coach was Louis Campbell. I also was fond of Merv Johnson, Jim Washburn, Pat Jones, Rockey Felker and David Lee. I didn’t get into the current staff, but there are some great guys with Bielema right now. Robb Smith might be front and center with me, although I really like all of these guys. I thought a lot of Charlie Partridge in the short time he was here. He is a great person.

Reggie Herring was a hoot. When I tell stories about the favorite things that popped out of the mouth of a coach, invariably a Herring story comes out.

The time the Hogs were shellacked by USC in LA, 70-17, Herring did his post-game inteview sitting on a curb on a driveway under the stadium. He said, "Some day when I’m no longer coaching and working as a garbage man, there will be a sign on the side of the truck in big letters, “The guy on the back gave up 70 to SC.” I couldn’t help but laugh and he didn’t care. At least he didn’t say his grave stone.

Of course, one of the assistants I knew best was Harold Horton. I think of him more as an uncle than a coach. My wife’s family and the Hortons are all related. If you are from DeWitt, you are related. So my life has been intertwined with Harold’s. And, with Tim Horton.