Clay Henry on a possible change to the 3-4 defense … ges-works/

I’ve been a 3/4 proponent for years. Even made a post recently asking for opinions. Good to see. Clay, you had breakfast with our office manager Sunday at the duck club. Said he was impressed and said you were a nice gentleman. I’m sure he and Tom grilled you and both were outspoken on their thoughts about razorback football. Said the hunting was fair at best he was told. Hope you had a good time. I know the food was very good.

We shall see if it is schme or players. 3-4 needs strong linemen to control the offensive line gaps , particularly the a gap at center and speed on the outside spots to protect against big plays in space and premium on tackling skills due to space. Speed and fundamentals have not been a strength of this defense the past two years.

Pros have been shifting to this scheme as offensive become more of a spread type play calling. Pros have benefit of drafting elite skill players for these positions. College puts premium on skill sets being recruited and less on player development other than the oline slots.

A mobile qb puts more pressure on this scheme but with right speed and players the defense can bring pressure from different areas which is a plus.

Without question, speed is the chief need and a big boy in the middle, the reason for going after the 325 juco tackle.

You could not go to a nicer place than Steel Wings. Beautifully done lodge and great food. I may have shot a duck although someone also fired so it was unclear. But it was a great time regardless. I hunted besides James McCann so it was a great day just because of that.

I hope they get the defense fixed because if they do not then it will probably cost Coach B his job. I looked at commitments so far and of the 20 listed four are receivers with another one or two still being recruited, plus one TE. Two DB;s, two LB’s, and two DL are listed so I suspect the remaining 5-6 will be defensive and hopefully size and speed in that group but it is unlikely many would start as freshmen and our history with. JC starters is not much better. The recap of redshirts who have shown promise in practice hopefully shows some help coming but large number is offensive related after reports of how the d Line looked all spring and fall it turned out to be reflection on how bad the O line was so we will see.

Need Frank R to stay ----that would be biggest recruit on either side of ball. Hope the change to 3-4 pays off but Head coach and secondary coach will have to be more involved for that to be case if the current group is left in place.

Speaking of O line with comment on the redshirt playing center, where does Zach Rodgers stand these days?