Clay Henry: Offensive line took a step back Thursday … -thursday/

Personally I love hearing this D is coming on and I hope they dominant the headlines in camp

Good report Clay!
Camp is funny. If the Offense looks good, then we have a bad D. If the D looks good, then the offense is struggling. Is our D-line that good or is our O-line that bad? Who really knows. I just can’t wait to see them go against someone else.

My biggest concern has been, and continues to be, the lack of experience playing together of this offensive line. I’ve been singing this song like a canary for months, and I’ll continue to until they come together as a cohesive unit.

Again, the talent is there. It’s the coordination and working as one that just takes time. And no one knows just how much; each collection of 5 players has it’s own characteristics and chemistry takes what it takes to develop.

Because of this problem, I worry about Austin’s reaction early in the year. I like him and support him as QB; but again, he is inexperienced IN GAMES. And if he gets a lot of pressure because of O line problems (and/or we can’t run as well as we should for the same reason), it’s logical to expect some bad plays/turnovers out of our inexperienced QB.

That may turn around in week 2 . . . or week 7. Again, NO one knows. I do expect it to turn around, but when is THE biggest unknown and story line in our season.

I am looking forward to this first scrimmage; I think it’ll tell a lot about the O-Line. But, we do not rely on a precision offense like Auburn or OU of yesteryear, our play action is a huge offensive advantage as it slows the defense.

Didn’t mention Jackson after he held first team for most of spring.

I don’t think you’ll see Colten starting this year, barring an injury to someone else. He didn’t look comfortable in the spring and it doesn’t sound like he ever got there.

How in year four with an O line guy we are in this strange spot does not inspire confidence.

I know elements always switched around etc.

But we aren’t playing in the big sky conferenece,

Officially concerned that our O line will hold us back from winning more this year

Wallace concerns me. I don’t understand why the light has not come on.