Clay Henry: Alabama has new take on old success … d-success/

Even the NFL is “evolving” with some teams implementing some spread plays with HUNH offenses…with that in mind, should our style no longer be referred to as “pro style”? We’re getting left behind with what is now considered the equivalent of a “three yards and a cloud of dust” style of offense… hurts in recruiting cause even the HS offenses now run spread offenses… hurts in coaching cause we have to “re-train” our recruits to play old fashioned football… Tyler Wilson mentioned this a.m. that HE made BP run the spread and that BP is now the benefactor of having converted…

I think Bret uses it to his advantage in recruiting that pro teams covet his players and there is evidence of that happening. He compiles lots of data to back that up, too. Without question, Dan Enos has some spread features in his offense. There are QB runs on the goal line that are old-time option plays that are utilized by spread teams. I do not think Bret will stop referencing that he runs a pro-styled offense.

Three yards and a cloud of dust? Baloney. Through five games we’ve thrown it 28 times a game, and have passed for over 1200 yards. We are averaging a bit over 449 yards a game in total offense. This in a year where we replaced the QB ,RB, and TE along with thee starting OL. This offensive system is working just fine. The perception of some of the talking heads in the media is that it we have a methodical offense which is more concerned with shortening games than production, but the statistical reality is that it produces plenty of yards and points.

Moreover, if you want the big recruits, you have to show you can get guys to the next level. Training guys in a pro system takes more time, but the player you end up with is more pro-ready than the guys who come out of spread systems. There have been several articles lately noting the complaints by pro coaches about how raw so many of the players now are coming out of college. BB’s pro-style offense can get more guys into camps and onto rosters. In this day and age, having a system that is built to develop pro-system players is a recruiting advantage, which helps(along with winning) attract better and better recruits.

Then explain why we are usually 10-12 in the SEC recruiting rankings??