Clay: Healthy Hogs finding answers at QB

Clay’s column from the spring game:


Clay, good article… I’m curious on a couple things… one being overall team speed? I think it’s so hard to gage that going against each other but what are your thoughts ? Next how did the young freshman look? And finally what comes next, summer workouts , will the QBs get to conduct those sessions? What takes place between now and August?

We don’t know what will be allowed with Covid protocols. Will they relax them? I figure they will, but it hasn’t been addressed.

I did not see enough of the freshman to know. It was a running clock and no one was out there for long, by design.

Speed is better. Team is bigger, more physical and tougher.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I have heard that Wilson Matthews would, walking around practice, take his belt off and, if a player laid on the ground two long, he would get a couple of licks.

Coaching toughness.

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Thanks … I’m already ready for the June/July Football preview from HI print…

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It appears we have an elite coaching staff. We will have to if we want to get to the top six in the SEC.

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