Clay - frustration on my part - your thoughts where we are?

Is there anyone in the national press that respects Arkansas or do they all just want us to stay in our place and be losers?

Is this the worst time in Arkansas football that you have seen?

How does Arkansas become Arkansas again?

I no longer trust the press including most of our so called own Arkansas press because they appear to me to be more interested in impressing other national and Large markets SEzc press personalities than understanding and reporting who Arkansas is and “hopes to be”

Sorry for the diatribe - just frustrated and tried and not confident in our current keadershio at UA - they don’t seem to respect Arkansas but they do respect their titles

To the outside world, we have a reputation of a state and University that is uneducated, unprofessional, and lacks class. As an Alumnus that lives out of state, it is very frustrating. When we handle very high profile situations, like our recent coach and AD firing, in the manner that we did it supports that reputation. Luckily, Tennessee is going through the same thing and getting the the majority of public press. They look worse than us right now.

Hopefully, the Powers That Be can pull a rabbit out of their hat and we come out looking like there was a reason behind our madness. The only scenario that would seem to do that is if we get Gus.

We’ve had these down points before and we pulled rabbits out of the hat.

When we ran HDN off, we somehow ended up with Petrino.

When we fired Petrino, we ended up with a 3 time rose bowl Head Coach.

We were a dumpster fire when we got CBB. We are far from a dumpster fire today.

We can get any of the following big name coaches if we want:

Any of these guys would do a good job here. Sure there’s baggage with a few, but they are all experienced HC’s that would bring a national prominence to our team.

Then there’s the up & comers. Norvell, etc.

If Auburn loses to Georgia, this all goes away and we have the Gus Bus coming home.

On the AD search, they are going to hire an Arkansas guy. There are several to choose from. Hang tight and give it Time. One thing Long surly did was modernize & professionalize the department. So having a former Hog run it that has little experience in an AD position is not a big risk.

I don’t concern myself with what the national press knows or doesn’t know. I am sure they do not know our state, or understand anything about what goes on here. I would also guess that they liked Jeff Long (after getting to know him a little on the CFP) and liked Bret Bielema as a Power 5 coach who was always available to visit, on or off the record. So that’s the starting point for those folks right now. They don’t really have a finishing point yet because an AD or coach has not been hired. None of it makes sense to them because they don’t follow it close enough for them to understand. That’s OK. I don’t listen to any of them. Because I know they have zero information on what is going on here. That also tells you that they probably don’t have much information on what is happening at Florida, Mississippi State, Tennessee or other places.

There are times that someone like Booger McFarland knows what is going on at LSU and I’ll listen to him, but not on other areas because he can’t know. He wouldn’t have any ability to know.

Thanks for giving us some solid information. Seems anything can happen.

And BTW, it’s Booger McFarland, not Boober. That was insulting to Booger. :lol:

I think Clay had it right-- Boober fits better

clay, my question is this. Is this a power play to get back to the old way of doing things? Where those who are wealthy could call the AD and he was at their beck and call? That the local press (Wally and others to some extent) are now back in the know? We have leaks from inside the AD complex?

I don’t want that type of administration. This is a big company now with lots of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars flowing through it. You have to have an intelligent, sane, business person to perform this job. Great razorbacks don’t necessarily fit. Is this what is going on here?

I see a fan revolt if the GOBN pulls in Skip Holtz after striking out with Gus.

Thanks Clay - I know you know and respect Arkansas

Beachedhawg and the wearners4 your notes resonate with me TY

It only frustrates you if you let it. Start winning and it all bounces back.

It is not so much what the national press knows or doesn’t know. It is their negative attitude toward Arkansas and they are going to have a negative attitude regardless of what we do. Therefore, I give the national press all the credit they deserve and that is stinking bottom of the pit.

I don’t want either Leach, Kiffin, or Strong! All 3 have baggage! We can do better.

Winning cures everything. It can happen. I get tired of people telling me what I can’t do. Same goes for our state or the Razorbacks. People who are not from here don’t know what I know.

Agree totally. Does the media really have that short of a memory of history?

What is our record vs A$M? TCU? Baylor? Sexy teams of the last few seasons. History shows we own them.

Remember Bama’s struggles before Saban?

We have a pretty good history at our fine university. Our ceiling is pretty high. We can and should be a Top 25 program, and should expect no less.