Clay from today's PC … orth-texa/

Good story…We’ll see what happens on Saturday. When is the last time we were a 4 touchdown underdog? It says a lot about the state of our program. :frowning:

I think that line is too low. With Auburn losing to LSU, they will be mad and they could beat us by 40 or more.

GettIng pounded by Auburn by 21 points would be a moral victory. The score won’t be that close. I look for Auburn and Alabama to hang 60 plus points on the hogs and not allow the hogs to sniff field goal range! If we have a total combined offense of plus 100 yards for the game it will surprise me!

I told a friend, and avid Hog, as am I, that it would not surprise me if we don’t score more than 30 points total in the next 3 games, and get 150 hung on us for those same games.

I really don’t know how you could simplify our offense anymore right now. You only got 3-4 running plays we run 4- 5 pass plays. No screens,or 3 wide stuff…we will see what he means by simplify.

I can not imagine the North Texas State has better athletes than us. I believe pound for pound our players are better in size, speed, and physicality. The transition from Prostyle to spread has a lot to do with it. We had not had enough time to master the latter. QB issue is a matter in its own. To run the spread I think you should use a QB that can run and create on its own. At this time we are still in process of who can do that. I believe this year is the year of discovery. By next year we have it figured out. Meantime true Razorbacks support their team.

Well put, Clay.

It’s game 4, starting conference play. We have gone from not showing the opponents to much in these early games to lets cut it to 10% of the playbook and simplify it.

It’s game 4. We don’t have a QB and we are going back to working on basics, and reducing those.

What is happening?

The sky is falling. :smiley:

The sky fell along time ago. We are going to Auburn with 10% of reduced basics. This one has upset written all over it!

It already fell!