Clay ? For you

Hello and Happy New Year to you and the family…

I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed your state of the hawgs regarding the magnificent Seven… one of my favorite movies …

I like to always read your work and look for little nuggets… you are very talented in taking something current, like the state of the program today with multiple players returning and referencing something or someone from the past to either support your point or provide a reference to a time or situation where maybe it was not as good or maybe it was better… you can very much put things into perspective, or at least that is what I always take away…

Having said that, I found it interesting when you described the relationship between coach Pittman and coach Chaney… I think it summed up so much , as to why both left , why the OL took a dip, why Coach BB was eventually was let go… but also I think it also described why the players are returning, why high quality Assistan Coaches will always want to coach with Coach Pittman…

Which brings me to my questions… Would you say Coach Pittman has that same type of relationship with others on the current staff ? Second as we go forward with Coach Pittman, would you agree that as assistant coaches move on Coach will be able to make quality replacement hires due to his nature, reputation and network?


One thing that makes me hopeful is remembering how JFB handled assistant coaches. He was able to replace his assistants with equal or better talent. Because CSP is so respected, I’m confident that he will be able to find quality replacements when needed.

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I think Odom is extremely close to Pittman. As is Davis. LeBlanc and Davis are tight, like Chaney and Pittman.

As for others, not sure. Think Briles and Cooper are tight.

I don’t believe Sam will have a tough time hiring assistants. That was clear last winter. He got his top picks in every case and had other good options.

As far as my writing, you are kind. I am lucky to get to do what I like and also much freedom to do it the way I want.

It took me a long time to feel comfortable writing personal thoughts. Why would anyone want to know what I think? That puzzled me.

I did not write commentary as a reporter at the Tulsa World. I just wrote features and covered games. I wrote a weekly golf column but it was mainly just features.

When I began Hawgs Illustrated, I was told by the man who hired me that I’d write a commentary in every issue and it would become a staple for Razorback fans. I told him I’d talk my dad into writing for us for that and I did.

My dad told me after about 6 years to do it myself. We argued over that and he had the final say. Surprise.

So I started to do it. It made me uncomfortable. I’m ok with it now.

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Your best work is when you give personal thoughts and experiences with those in and around the Razorback program. It’s something old time Hog fans like me eat up. Thanks so much Clay. We appreciate your.

And Happy New Year!

Clay has good genetics and it shows.


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