Clay ? For you

Do you think we are going to make the type of hire that we need? I’m sure you are hearing things , you always do , that leads you to believe our AD has put us in a good position as of today?

You’ve been through a bunch of coaching searches in your time…


Good question.

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Clay has no idea what he’s talking about. Sorry to break that to everyone. Saying Drinkwitz and Lunney will get the job and we have moved on from Kiffin. You have no clue, Clay.

Give your sources or stop spewing that garbage. If any of this was true, we’d have announced already. This is what I am talking about when the media does what they do.

Time for Mom to either up the dosage for londonfan or put the parental controls on the computer. He is losing it.

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So you’re gonna blindly believe another hack that thinks he’s connected to the PTB? HE HAS NO REAL INFO.

So we should believe you instead? :crazy_face:

Clay I am not apart of these remarks from the poster on here…

Kiffin could still be the coach. Rumors are Kiffin not in play. But I hear as many say he is than he’s not. Must wait and see. I don’t have a vote and I don’t hire coaches.

On the radio, I mentioned that some say Kiffin is out. Others say he’s not.

I do know Drinkwitz and Lunney are ready and under consideration.

Lots of what is out there is wrong. Agents do great work - for their clients.

The media guys on this board are pretty darn good about answering the questions that they can answer when they can answer them.

It’s one thing to ask what Clay meant or even if the sources are strong, but you don’t need to bring the vitriol with it.

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Personally I do not think Lunney is ready and needs to be at least a coordinator first… maybe that’s here…

I am Impressed with the App St coach but it’s such a small sample size… I will say this whoever we hire we as fans need to start to model our support after what the fans of App St exhibit! It’s going to take us ALL to turn this program around!

I tell you what Clay. IF Lunney or Drink becomes the coach, I will donate 10K to your charity of choice, or your website. Then I will never post again. You got Buzz quoting you and running with it.

If you are wrong, own it. You can’t just walk it back after you get called out.

What worries with me with Barry is his experience. As he found out being the interim, there’s is a lot more to being a head coach than just coaching.

With both Drinkowitz and Lunney, I worry about their ability to put together an experienced staff. Neither have been around long enough to establish relationships and connections with seasoned, experienced coaches that can take on the rigors that is the SEC. I think we saw some of that with Morris as several of his staff members were GAs at Clemson and SMU. Just my opinion.

Good information Clay. I have been going through coaching hires as a Hog fan going all the way back to Lou Holtz. When Coach Broyles retired, I was a kid, but I thought the world was coming to an end. Things are so different now, and it’s even a completely different world than it was back in 97 when it came down to Tuberville and HDN.

I don’t even try to get information from my contacts any more because there’s so much disinformation out there – due in part to agents and some of it I think comes from the Administration out of necessity.

I know this football program is a real mess right now, it’s awful. None of us have ever seen it this bad. I wonder if it can even be repaired in the foreseeable future. A lot is riding on this new hire, and I don’t know the answer but the options being discussed sound like big risks to me.

As I said elsewhere, we used to assume that the new coach was going to come in and succeed, failure was not an option. Unfortunately, that’s no longer an assumption we can make going into a hire. It’s certainly not like the old days.


I did not predict the coach. The guys before me said there were rumors that Lane was out. I said that’s out there. But I also said he might be the coach.

Sources won’t be sources any more if you name them. You probably understand that.

Buzz wants you on the air.

I think it can be fixed with the right coach, but I’m starting to be dubious if the current process, with its limitations, can find the right coach.

I say they give some of us a chance. Probably get the whole staff for $1 million or less. Right now, I don’t think we could do any worse than Chad