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Clay hope you are doing well.

Lets talk a little ball please. In your opinion what was or has been the biggest turnaround between Football seasons in Razorback history?

I am sure that we can find a number of improvement in games won going through the records, but that’s not always the biggest indicator…

I would say Houston’s first year taking over from Ford. We moved Zac Painter to that rover spot, Ryan Hale and Melvin Bradley worked the DL and Q Caver, J Harris and JJ Jones were nasty on D. Lucas got healthy and that OL gave Clint just enough…

While I don’t think we have that level just yet, I wonder if we have enough to jump for 2 to 6 wins next year?

What do you think, and what do you think a 6 win season mean to the program??

thanks man

Good question.

Hope we are this year’s Baylor.

1-11 in 2017 and 6-6 this past season with a bowl win over Vandy.

If the hogs get to 6-6 and go to a bowl game that would be great. Maybe they can get it done.

Good thought on 1998, but the best will always be from 1963 to 1964 for the national title. Next best was from 1976 to 1977 when Lou Holtz almost won another national title.

Both 63 and 76 were very disappointing seasons. What followed the next year was absolutely incredible.

Yes, I’m old. And there were things that happened in 64 that changed the game, two platoon football mainly. Broyles was early in his recognition in the switch. Holtz inherited a great team that had been wrecked by injuries the previous year.

The key in both those turn arounds was great defensive line play. Some things never change. You win the line of scrimmage on defense, it gets fun.

There were great defensive linemen on those teams starting with Loyd Phillips and Dan Hampton.