Clay ? for you ... status 15 days out

Hey Clay I have a couple questions for you if you don’t mind.

First, are you worried about Brian Wallace? We need him to be the player he can be.

Second, after looking at the team do you feel we are built to face are schedule… we sure do have an early open date??

Last, have you made a season record pick yet? I always look forward to that…

Thank you… very much looking forward to the season and the board.

No, I have not made a prediction. I think this is a good Arkansas team, better than last year. I have not seen enough of practice to know for certain on Brian Wallace. I have always thought he was going to be a good player. It’s interesting that he’s the worry (and that’s too strong of a word) and not Colton Jackson. That just says how far Jackson has come. I think what the 3-4 has done to pass pressures has helped development of both of those tackles. I think Bret does a good job of working the mind games with players and using his press conferences to do that to push a guy here or there. Brian Wallace should be fine.

I don’t like the way the open date falls, but I plan to take advantage of it. I’ll reveal something on that later. I really didn’t know what to do with a September open date, but I figured something out.

How injuries fall (for Arkansas and the opposition) has everything to do with how a schedule works out. You have to really study who the other teams are playing the week ahead of Arkansas to know truly if the schedule is going to help or hurt you.