Clay ? For you on the OL

Hey Clay, just wanted to visit with you on the Hogs OL…

Couple things I’ve noticed and wanted your opinion.

First what is your take on the Starting OL having 3 players from Arkansas starting ? With two of them walk on?

Second, I hear all the time how amazing Sam Pittman was as a recruiter and OL coach. But we are only 2 years removed and I am not sure we are starting one player he out recruited a major college for. This is not a knock on the players or the coach. I just don’t see the results that equal this legendary recruiting reputation?

And last, I heard a good bit last night about the pass protection of the RBs needing to improve from last season and they gave examples in the game where it had improved. Who coaches? The OL coach or RB coach?

One little extra nugget… On this team we have some speed! One thing FAMU has and always has had is speed, that Florida speed, and we looked way faster then them.

Thanks and Geaux Hogs

Bump… I would really like to hear Clays take on this.

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its a good list of questions.

i realize that brings you no closer to answers… still
moral support

Clay will get to it… Sometime he takes his time on my questions… Says I “make him think”… LOL…

Go Hogs!

You just hit at the core identity of our head Hog in his last job at Whisky

Not to mention all the effort at selling “If you come to Arkansas as an OLine man you will be famous”

Football annual with the OLine on the front cover

Then - well - walk on?

I like ve walk ons - esply the ones that become All Americans but they will be rare

We just admitted we couldn’t recruit the rare 2 deep level of Defensive linemen by going to a 3-4 Defense (which I applaud )

Are we in the same boat with the OLine ?

I just think our state is having a cycle of producing some strong OLs… I mean even our current class has 2 OLs from in state with two others potential gray shirts…

I also wonder what if Clary is just flat out better then the others?? Did we truly strike Gold?

I have liked Gibson for a while, I think he is a good one…

I do have questions about Colton Jackson, I am not sold on him… And for the life of me I can’t understand why Wallace can start most of last year, and all spring but just can’t hold it?? It has always seemed odd to me that he could only play the right side??

I don’t know… But I am sure going to watch it!

Sure hoping you’re right that Arkansas has struck gold!

For now looks like a need to shore up LT exist

AA is a gamer he just can’t hang on the ball as long as he did vs FLA&M or he will not survive the season

Officially very worried about our O line.

This is one area with coach B I never thought we would worry about.

Starting freshmen blue shirt and Austin getting hit against a high school team doesn’t bode well.

This feels like major whiffs in tecruiting becaue I can’t believe this staff doesn’t know O lines.

I’ve believed as many have that OL performace was key to any improvement the hogs might make this year. However, I believe there are a lot of knee jerk panic attacks all over this board. First of all, it is only game 1 and against a team that we were not going to open up much of the playbook for… and all the concerns about starting walk - ons and grey shirts is really odd to me. CBB recruits based on coaches assessments of ability, not stars… and playing time is earned, as it should be. Critique should be based on their play, not their pedigree (IMO).

That said, the play in game 1 showed improvement from last year but still lacked consistency. Let’s see how they progress in week 2… it’s a journey. Go hogs!

You have some valid points - panic - yes I have some panic here

Last year however showed a downward trend that I thought would get fixed but was fixed only moderately

I recognize the point that this first game blocking schemes looked very high school and basic - so next game will show much more

Still there appears to be a real weakness at Left Tackel - the blindside Tackel has to be a protective wall

Looked more like a curtain

Maybe it was one game

Maybe we return to the flexbone stressing more pitch and pass like in the Mighty Quinn days - I only say that because I fear Arkansas is slipping in the talent war

(yes I’m overreacting - I need to do as you say and watch for next week)

Character - we. Can be very proud of all the young men Coach Bret has in the program

But hey - yes - Let’s see what happens with TCU and the Aggies

I posted this in another thread and I’ll repeat it here:

  • OK, these comments about Clary are puzzling to me. Why not consider that he is a rare combination of physical and mental talent? Remember Shawn Andrews? He started as a true freshman and belonged there. And while starting Chase Hayden is not considered abnormal, why should starting a freshman on the o-line cause such distress?

    It’s sort of like Burlsworth being a recruited walk-on, they did know that Clary was one that they wanted. They just had to manage the numbers properly, so they offered a blue-shirt. Just because a player is a freshman does NOT make him a lesser player.

I think more players should be signed from Arkansas. Plain and simple, Ark kids are under valued by our staff.

Second, not surprised Ty Clary or the other Ark kids are doing well.

The pass pro by running backs is coached by the running backs coach.

I think we’ve seen what not taking ark kids can do to the program and especially in the o line. Sam Pittman took some out of state reaches. Didn’t work out.

Thank you, Clay for saying that.

I thought Sam Pittman was the best recruiter on the staff when he was here? Now he was getting “out of state reaches”?

Go back and judge Sam’s recruiting yourself. We’ve gone over it 10 or 12 times in the last couple of years.

Oh I have no doubt that his recruiting didn’t work out, but that was never the story we were given at the time. Hindsight is always 20/20 I suppose.

Did Bielema sign off on those OL recruits or was Pittman given free reign in that department?

I see the need to hammer pitman for his recruiting failures.

But we haven’t had another guy recruited that’s a stud since him either. I like the potential of Clary. Neither of the tackles are All-SEC caliber, Wallace might be the only tackle with the talent to get there, but not the head.

Ragnow is and will continue to be the best OL we have, he’s not an Anderson recruit. Froholdt, probably will be the second best, and he was a DL.

I’d like to see any sign that anyone knows how to evaluate OL, not just bash sam Pittman for his recruiting.

I don’t think there is an attempt to bash anyone. I would think there is an attempt to evaluate the evaluations. That’s what I’ve done. I see some four stars that who have not contributed. I don’t care how they are rated, just how they perform. That’s coaching and evaluation. I do think this line is going to be better and it’s clear that three starters are in-state players who were lightly recruited. One is a converted defensive tackle. Is that accurate. I didn’t mention any coaches or any players, just the basic facts.


I just see negativity toward Pittman.
Which is understandable. I also know how easy, and often former coaches catch some blame. We did beg this man to stay, essentially.

Just not to me in that his Olines when he was here were better than what we saw last year. Hoping this year will be a better one.

But I’m waiting to see a stud come from the post Pittman era. He did give us some good ones.