Clay ? For you on the Football Staff

Hello and I hope all is well with you had the family.

Yes sir I was wondering if you’ve heard anything on the changes with the Football staff? Also if you’ve heard the name Andy Hill as a possibility to join the staff as a replacement for Cooper?


If I’d heard anything on staff, I would have posted it. Sorry.

Football Scoop is saying that Bruce Feldman has said “look for Cody Kennedy to be named Tight End Coach”. Kennedy recently joined the Southern Miss staff after being on staff at Tulane. Worked with Sam at Georgia as a GA. Looks like most of his background is OL. Since I know nothing about him and certainly do not distrust Sam and actually this is still possibly speculation, we will have to wait and see. First impression, is wondering whether this is a statement on the utilization of the Tight End. Seems that some of the really good offenses found ways to make the Tight End a dynamic part of the offensive game plan and would love to see that with Hogs as well.

I think it is safe to say the tight end position is not yet what Coach Pittman is seeking—he said as much during the interviews on signing of this class.

I would also think that he expects his OL coach to continue to receive attractive job offers in future and this may be part of having flexibility should that occur. Pittman has a strong insight and preference into coaches he worked with at Ga. Special Teams and Strength positions along with running back coaches ties to Ga. confirm that again with this rumored hire.

Look for another change next week on the defensive side of the ball.

Cody Kennedy is official per his Twitter profile.

I really hope you don’t mean LeBlanc, but he keeps coming up in rumors over and over again


Pretty sure Leblanc is looking to move on or is being told to move on. At least that’s the hearsay. Interesting that in the recruiting article today the DE from Texas was mentioned GA Brandon Lewis and Pittman but not Leblanc.

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Yeah have heard Leblanc is gone and we’re bringing in Brick Haley. Not sure I like this but we will see

Looks like it’s Jermial Ashley from Tulsa as the new DL coach.


“We expect Sam Pittman to announce this one, as well as a few other moves, this week.”

What are these other moves? Just Coach Kennedy, Thompson replacement? Anything else?

Can’t blame LeBlanc for going back to the NFL if the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully Sam can bring in new people worth turning on the jukebox for.

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Oh OK had heard Haley was likely choice never heard of this guy either so we will see

TU’s defense was potent this year. Young DC Gillespie is a star in the making. I’d say they “punched above their weight” at every level.

Theme here: young, energetic coaches. LeBlanc and Rhoades ousted for young pups. Train 'em to do it the UA way. Guiton meets that description as well.

There was a time UA had 1-2 guys like this on the staff. Now, we have quite a few. Coordinates train them in schematics and technique (if help is needed). These guys learn from masters and recruit on steroids.

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