Clay ? for you on the Football staff

Hey Clay, do you think Rory will be gone or leaving also?

Charlie P would have to be Coach B’s top choice any year he is available right?

I would be surprised if Rory Segrest is back next season, based on some conversations I’ve had. Partridge would obviously be a logical candidate if there is a vacancy there, but you wonder how his buyout would impact whether he wants to immediately get back into coaching. A lot of fired head coaches like that paid year off to spend some time with family and re-energize.

I saw where Partridge said he was going to the convention this week. I’d be shocked if he took a year off.

Sweet, I like it…

Also I like the idea of Kerry Cooks from the OU football and that Iowa tree to join the Arkansas staff also…

Could be a very good staff…

Also, if we are going to hire any Ast coaches worth a flip they will require multi year contracts… I wonder if Jeff Long would be willing to throw the back at the Clemson DC and make him a “coach in waiting” type deal?

So much to think about, I just hope whoever we hire the Razorbacks play like Razorbacks again and we can all be proud supportive fans. This is a huge off season for our Head Coach!

Don’t know about Segrest. I love Partridge, though.

Clay, I think we are all with you on this one… Hope you get to feeling better man. Get well!