Clay ? For you on state of OL

Hey Clay, hope all is well…

I’m curious to your thoughts or your curiosity towards the growth of the OL room for the hogs after doing your research for the recruiting edition , the addition of Crawford and the return of Cunningham and Clary…

I always felt our catalyst for the return of successful football under Coach Pittman would be our growth and development of the OL…lots of potential in that Soph, Rs Fr, and Fr classes …

Looking forward to seeing how they develop this offseason and Spring … very exciting!


Growth is correct word. It’s getting bigger. Spring practice - if they have it - should be highly competitive. This is part of the team I expect to improve the most. Not having spring was a setback last year.

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The incoming linemen are big people. I’ve heard Sam Pittman say many times – as an assistant coach and head coach — that the SEC is a big person league and you have to have big people on the lines to win.

Crawford (6-5, 335 pounds) looks like the linemen from Georgia who came here in the season opener, and like the ones that were at Arkansas in Pittman’s last year. From a physical standpoint, that’s the type of lineman I think you’re going to see a lot more of at Arkansas.

There seems to be a lot of growth opportunity for the ones who are in this signing class:

Terry Wells, 6-4, 306
Devon Manuel, 6-9, 292
Cole Carson, 6-6, 290


I was cautiously optimistic on the Morris hire…until he stated that it was his preference that the O-Line lose weight. Then when a lot of them came back close to 300 or under i knew e were in trouble. So glad Pittman is upsizing his order!

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Sam knows just a little more about SEC Olinemen than Chad.

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