Clay ? For you on spring football

As we get close to spring , what areas are you most curious to see?

What do you think could be some surprise Improvements?

First, I want to see the head coach in operation. That will be the most interesting aspect of this spring. He’s never done this before. I think he’s still figuring out how he’s going to do it, as anyone would. He think he knows, but he’s also aware that he’s not done it. He will be heavily involved in special teams.

I also just want to see what the team looks like on the hoof, so to speak. How do they carry the new weight. I now know the entire team is bigger.

They cut a week out of running to concentrate more on lifting. Instead of going four weeks running, four weeks lifting, then went five lifting, three running. I’m sure the team liked that. They would prefer lifting over conditioning.

Are they tougher? That’s probably the key to what Sam Pittman wants to add.

I just want to see the general organization of practice. How do they do things with this staff.

And, then, how do the new players (transfers and newcomers) look in practice. How many can help immediately?

Is the defense faster? That is the most important aspect of the newcomers. Some don’t arrive until summer, but they needed speed on defense for several seasons. Barry Odom thinks they are faster, but how much is up for debate.

Then, can they throw and catch. Really, the last two years there were just too many footballs on the ground when they worked on pass drills and that goes for 7 on 7 or full team.

That means quarterbacks throwing more accurate and then receivers catching when it is accurate. There just hasn’t been timing in the passing game since Austin Allen was done.

We all know that quarterback is important. I didn’t include that first because I realize that’s all that the rest of you think about. It’s a given that it’s a big deal and will be closely watched.

I just want to see if they can get some protection from the tackles in the passing game. That has been missing for quite some time.

That’s some general thoughts.


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