Clay ? For you on spring ball

What are you most excited about in this 5 th spring ?

What are you most curious about?

And last, do you have a few players that you have seen that you have filed away in the memory that you are thinking might make a jump?

Thanks man

I’m always curious to see how redshirt freshmen stack up. Some of the ones who fit that bill are Giovanni LaFrance, Micahh Smith, Deon Edwards, Cole Kelley, Briston Guidry, Jake Heinrich and Jonathan Marshall.

Then there are those who are making a position change like T.J. Hammonds to receiver and Hayden Johnson to tight end.

I’m most interested to see how the defense adapts to the 3-4 and the offensive line performs in short yardage situations. The latter was an issue as far back as the spring last year, but the belief at the time was that it was because the defensive line was performing well with so many upperclassmen. That obviously was not the case when the season rolled around.

Can Ty Storey hold off Cole Kelley as the backup? That probably won’t be decided until the fall, but the door is open after the way Storey played when he got into the games last year.

I’m interested to see how C.J. O’Grady looks at tight end after the way he finished last season. The battle between Brian Wallace and Jake Raulerson at right tackle is intriguing. How does Colton Jackson look at left tackle this spring as opposed to last spring? Can Connor Limpert take the place-kicking job from Cole Hedlund? Which of the freshmen, sophomore and JUCO receivers step up to fill the many voids left at those positions?

Lots to answer.

That is what Spring is for; to answer those questions. You know you have problems if many of those questions remain in Aug. That better be when it is together and you are learning to play as a team. Get it right over the next five weeks!

I agree Matt. Some players redshirt because of injuries. Some redshirt because they aren’t ready as true Freshmen. Some redshirt because it doesn’t make sense to burn the redshirt if the depth chart ahead of them is stacked with better, more seasoned players. But, we tend to get very excited about incoming true Freshmen and we forget about the guys who have a year in the system, but haven’t played. All of the players you mentioned came in with high expectations, so I’m with you, let’s see whether they have used their redshirt year wisely and can move up the depth chart with their play in Spring.

This team has some real needs going forward this spring. Can the O line step up with more physical play? That’s number one for me.

Second is the conversion to the 3-4 defense. Specifically, who plays the heavy end spot. Is it Michael Taylor, Randy Ramsey or Karl Roesler?

I believe there are players returning that will provide good competition in the defensive front. The four from last year’s freshmen group need to step up, along with Taylor, technically in that class, top. Sosa Agim, Austin Capps, Briston Guidy and Jonathan Marshall have very good ability. It’s time to step up.

The wideout I’m excited to see is Jordan Jones. He’s a true burner. He and Deon Stewart are the two fastest players on the team. They can help this offense stretch the field.