Clay ? For you on assistant coaches

Hey Clay, hope you and the family are all doing well and are enjoying summer…

I wanted to get your thoughts on the impact of losing Brad Davis ? His replacement Kennedy? The loss of not only both DL and now OL coaches , but 3 other coaches after year one? Two of which (Stepp and Davis) going to SEC rivals and going home…

I think the impact of Jermial Ashley will be huge. He is a top coach. It seems everyone likes Cody Kennedy as a coach, recruiter and person. I know Sam does. I believe he was hired with this possibility in mind. It’s good that he got a spring with the tight ends.

And while I’m at it, I’ll remind you that Joseph Henry is not a GA. He’s not been that since Sam Pittman convinced him to take a full time job about 7 years ago.

I posted a link to his background in another thread.

I view the assistant coaches situation, so far, in the Sam Pittman Razorback team, as a very strong positive factor for this team. There are top programs trying to steal away our defensive coordinator, our wide receiver coach, now our O-line coach, etc. and, at the same time, Sam is not putting up with ANY assistants who under-achieve in recruiting and/or coaching. So, he has moved out the defensive line and linebacker coaches and has replaced them and the other departures with better qualified recruiters and coaches. I don’t see any of the replacements, so far, as a step back. So why all of the anguish in the fan base? I don’t understand it.

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If there wasn’t anguish this board wouldn’t exist. The majority of topics start over a concern, ie anguish. Maybe your question is why have a message board if people shouldn’t anguish? The majority of news on tv is a negative event. Hell people watch the weather channel to see when it’s going to rain, not when it’s going to be nice. The world operates on status quo and only speaks when its not. Life man. Every fan base can find something to complain about. I bet LSU fans, some, are upset with the hire.

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I’m sorry , I don’t think I ever asked about Henry being a GA? Or his involvement in being a replacement??? But in my opinion , the hogs don’t need to replace SEC level football assist coaches with GAs or QCs… but we can agree to disagree…

But just remember, they will slit your throat and drink your blood in the SEC…Hiring mistakes in regards to staffs has gotten lots of head coaches Canned! I think we do agree on that!

Let’s revisit this convo in a couple years and see how this plays out…

Go hogs!


Did you think Michael Scherer’s promotion was a mistake? That one flew right past you. He was a QC coach.

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Well, we don’t know yet it Scherer’s a mistake or not. We’ll find out this season.

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No it didn’t … and Yes it concerned me… and I felt at the time and still feel the same way, I question his experience level, I’m not sure he has the network or contacts to be a strong recruiter and I don’t think he would have gotten the full time on field job had coach Odom left and as soon as coach Odom goes somewhere else he will leave…

Also, his introduction press conference where he was sweating from a work out was professionally embarrassing in my opinion…

But let’s see how the LBers respond, or I should say the younger LBers respond and develop, and how he does recruiting. So let’s revisit later if you like.


Really, you’re getting bent out of shape because of his presser? We’ve had enough coaches who won the press conference and couldn’t win anywhere else. What happened in the presser is completely irrelevant.

You weren’t addressing me Clay, but I have no idea if the new LB coach was a good or bad hire. I will say he did replace the coach I was least impressed with when the original staff was assembled.

This staff is less experienced from top to bottom than the one that coached the team in 2020.

Time will tell if that’s a good or bad thing, but it concerns me given we reside in the hardest division in college football.


Would Saban have let that happen? It looked like he was inexperienced to me… sorry , not sorry… it’s how I see it.

Replacing 2 lost coaches with internal promotions at the SEC level just is concerning…it’s not like we are Bama where experienced coaches go to rehab. Without question, the Henry hire would be less questionable to ME had we not done the same at LB.


Internal hires, especially sequential ones, imply there’s no money for external hires.

They can hire but if you pay your DC 1.5 million and OC $1 million that sets what you can pay. You have a budget. Maybe you find SOME money somewhere. But not enough to do what some have proposed here - in my opinion.

Maybe we get a surprise. I would be surprised if it was Joseph Henry. That could have already happened.

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