Clay ? for you... June/July Football preview update

Clay, I assume you are working in the yearly HI Football Preview…

Care to share any thought’s or opinions?

I am concerned about the OL (Always am), and the interior DL…

I actually think we will have a very good RB core, TE core and our starting LBers could be the best we have had in a very long time.

Curious what your opinions so far are??


Not Clay but what the heck, here are my two cents:

We are very shaky at center and quarterback. The guy making the blocking calls and the guy making the split second decisions in this high octane offense may be the two weakest positions on a weak team. That is huge. Our receivers fall way short of the quality that Morris left at SMU. And we are weak in the middle on defense. No problems at all. We are strong at tight end and running back. The rest of the offense is transitioning to a totally different offense…slowly. The defense has to improve tremendously to reach mediocre. It may be a long season.

Bump for Clay,

How is the Preview coming?

Clay is busy watching the royal wedding this morning. He’ll be on later after settling down from the excitement! :smiley:

We all were busy putting the finishing touches on the magazine this week. It should be in your mailboxes and available digitally soon.