Clay, ? for u on Hogs +

in a years time , do you have est. of number articles you will write for Hogs +?

Yes. But it may change. I am not writing much. Mainly video podcasts. I’ve done seven projects in two months. It is a part time job.

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I joined Hogs+ last football season but haven’t kept up with it as much as I’d like over the summer etc. Since yesterday I’ve basically been binging content and it’s great. I’ve especially enjoyed your Hog Pod stuff Clay. Thanks for doing it and keep up the good work (as long as you see fit of course).

Yes, Clay’s video interviews are really good, just wish he could do more of them!

Thanks for everyone’s replies, I have been reviewing my subscription services ,adding some and deleting others that I no longer have interest in. I saw Clay’s videos and that has me thinking about this for reasons others listed. I know Clay is entering the retirement world and this is one of those things that may or may not remain in future, but always good to read or listen to Clay’s insights.

Really enjoyed the interview with Cody Kennedy.

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I’m committed for 12 months. I’m having fun so I’d expect to do it longer - if they want me.

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