Clay et al.?

Let’s suppose a team has what they, a priori, consider a fairly winnable game #1 (e.g. LTU) and a likely more challenging game #2 (TCU). How frequently would this team, on average, hold out/hold back starters/potential starters to create confusion for game #2?

did not happen

Dre Greenlaw and Brooks Ellis played every snap at LB. I’m almost positive Jared Collins did, too. Rawleigh got a big workload.

What I noticed was the intentional avoidance of smash mouth football. I so no draws to offset the rush. I so no throws to TBs. I saw no drag plays. I keenly believe they held back. Did they hold back too long, absolutely. LaTech had life. But, when needed, the Hogs ran the ball hard and won.

I hope they held back… :shock:

What I noticed was that they only threw to sprinkle twice. Both had great results.

Hold back when you are getting beat, and the Hogs were certainly getting beat? I think they did everything they could to win by 1 point. I could be wrong, but I cannot imagine in that 3rd quater that they would hold anything back.

Rawleigh Williams had the same number of receptions as Jeremy Sprinkle had – 3. So much for no throws to TBs.

Or maybe you just went to the kitchen for those plays…

What I saw was a game plan that kept things simple enough to introduce new players to D1 College football, but advanced enough to win the game. They made a few errors, but enough to win. Do I believe there is more in Enos’s playbook? Yes. But, I don’t think he held it back because of the TCU game. I think he wanted to give the players the best opportunity to execute the plays called. I expect to see more each week.

How many blitzes did you count? What were the results?

I counted one for a loss of 7 yards.

I think the game plan changes each week to match what they think they can do against certain personnel and schemes. I do not think either TCU or Arkansas held back in the game plan. Enos said they had a plan that had to be adjusted to match what Tech was doing. Bielema did say that they would have liked to have run more. But I didn’t see any starters held back and didn’t see anything that was purposely left out of the call list to save. There is little doubt that you add things to the call list each week to give looks off of something that was good the previous week. You know a team is going to work hard on that, so you give them something off of that play. That’s normal. It would be the case if you were playing back-to-back conference games, too.

Play calling wasn’t good. Too many passes and cute plays. But I definitely don’t think we held back during the game. We might have “held back” before the game. I think LA Tech put a hell of a lot more time into scheming for this game than we did. But I don’t feel like we held back in the game.

My guess is that we will look very different this week from last week and that a lot of that is because we spent time in the first month planning for TCU. They want to win them all, but the schedule allowed for us to scheme more on TCU and A-n-M in Spring and early Fall. It will really set us up nicely for the coming weeks. Texas state and Texas A-n-M after TCU…sweep Texas is the gospel right now. With Alcorn State after A-n-M and before Alabama, we really have a schedule that plays to our advantage. Here is hoping to undefeated and constant improvement on the way to Alabama.


It was proven multiple times last year that blitzes by our Razorbacks don’t work well against spread teams that have a successful short passing game, which LTU certainly had.

I don’t think they were holding too much back on offense or defense. I think they were doing everything they can to win.

I do think they probably took advantage of the 2 weeks of time from when school started to the first game to work on some TCU plans but in no way do I think they held anything back.

Thanks, Clay.

I am surprised that there is not an entire thread on the fact that we ran a screen to a running back.