Clay early week thoughts on LSU

I think our Defense matches up a little better…we have to stop that power counter… I also think we can block them and protect… who has that stinger ? Turnovers and special teams are , like always , going to be huge… we can beat LSU, but not if we beat ourselves, Kennedy get those jumps under control!

Geaux Hawgs!

A little personal note, my grandmother on my dads side graduated from LSU when the only degree a lady was offered was a degree in home economics… 3 of her 4 brothers graduated from LSU school of law…. But momma side all U of A! And momma didn’t raise a fool! Woo Pig!


Who stops the run. If Hogs do that, and get 200 on ground, they probably win.


Clay, what do you think of Orgeron’s announcement that he’s going to play two quarterbacks against us? Johnson will start but Nussmeier is going to play. Significant or playing head games with Barry Odom?

What do I think? Interesting. I’ve wondered why they don’t play the other one given the lack of consistency and lack of mobility. I doubt that either Sam or Barry are surprised.

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Coach O never grew up. Sometimes that is a compliment. “He’s a big kid” can often mean someone is really overtly friendly, loving, fun. Coach O may be all those things. But he is also irresponsible, has no filter, impetuous, PETULANT.

I don’t worry about any coaching move O ever makes.

I do worry about the athletes LSU runs out on the field though.




Yep. They have some very good talent. I’m hoping they aren’t as nearly pumped for our game as what we witnessed against Bama. Calm down Tigers and think of all the great food and good times at home for Turkey Day.

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That’s the key Clay,I can’t see us stopping the counter with 3 man line just too many good blocking angles so we will see what Odom comes up with,ball is in his court.We must stop the run or it will be a long night bc the QB can throw the ball good enough to hurt us.

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I’m thinking like you

It will be amazing for Arkansas to quite the tiger crowd and bring the boot home

I agree he will have to bring an extra man on the line to help with run support

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If I was the HC I’m taking the ball if we win the toss. I think a key is to get up early.

My gut tells me this Tiger bunch is drained after putting it all on the line last week and it won’t take too much for them to let go of the rope. Let’s give them a reason to early in the game.


Speaking of extra mens. Who’s the officiating crew for this game? Who must we overcome this week?

We will find that out Saturday.

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I don’t agree. (not that it makes me right at all, lol). I think you come out and establish your defense, get a 3 and out, and then go to work. Then, you get the ball to start the 2nd half. I was really worried about Miss State coming out with the ball in the 2nd half because the momentum had really swung their way before halftime. I haven’t looked this up but I can’t think of too many games this year where we score on our first possession.

I would prefer to defer and get the ball to start second half.

I think we will have to prove we can handle their pressure. They gave Alabama fits with it I’m pretty sure they will try the same recipe with us… you have to be ready for it.

I saw the Miami dolphins last night flat out destroy the Baltimore Ravens offense by bringing secondary pressure off the edge Jackson had absolutely nowhere to go and no time to do it, He was running for his life within about one second, were bringing too many to block and no time to make them pay for it.

I’m sure we will be prepared after watching the LSU Alabama game.

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