Clay/Dudley Meeting

Per another site their is a press conf at 10am on sat about CBB

Is this correct ??

Do you think they have decided to keep or let him go?

Do you really have to ask this question? There is a better chance of me becoming a Cubs fan than CBB keeping his job here.

The die is cast.

The hay is in the barn.

Several sources say there will be an an announcement in the morning.

I assume the announcement will be about Bret? Or a new AD? Or both?

Can’t believe I am actually hoping for Gus. The mere mention of Leach as a candidate scared me onto the Gus bus. So, let’s go Bama. Bring Gus home.

I talked to a friend who talked to a friend who talked to a BOT’s mother in law at Thanksgiving yesterday that Gus is no longer in the picture. :smiley:

He will ask the question 8 more times before the PC…

It is believed that Arkansas will announce Bret won’t be back some time tomorrow morning. I think it will be announced via a press release and not a press conference.

Just put it on Twitter.

No way they announce who the new coach or AD will be. They’ll just make official what we all know will happen.

Put what on Twitter? That he is gone???


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