Clay, Dudley, Matt?

I sincerely appreciate and respect your views re: the Razorbacks. That’s why I pay for this board…

Please give us some perspective on what’s going to happen w/Bielema? Your opinion matters to me… thanks!

I would say he’s got three more chances to impact his future. Those are huge games. Doesn’t look good if there are not some improvements.

Clay, Dudley, Matt do we have the resource to not only hire a new head coach but also upgrade the quality of our assistant coaches?

The resources will be heavily hit if a change is made. I don’t know where the money will come from, but that’s not my problem.

The key to any hire is who will the coach bring with him. Sometimes it’s not so much the money as who wants to work for the coach.

I do know that Frank Broyles had better resources than many would guess. He did innovative things at the time to bring money to assistants. Hayden Fry made more as an Arkansas assistant than he did at SMU as head coach.

Frank was the first head coach to give radio shows to top assistants. That boosted income. He was also the first to get courtesy cars from local dealers for his coaches. That was a huge deal.

Clay what’s your opinion of what will be done ?

My thoughts are that the last three games will be played out before a decision is made. It doesn’t look like the Hogs will be favored in any of those three. LSU is much better in the lines and should control the game. Mississippi State is much better on defense with a great QB. The Bulldogs should score a bunch of points on this Arkansas defense. Missouri is rolling on offense and has a great passing attack. That looks bad for this secondary.

There is lots of pressure on the AD, Chancellor and BoT to make a move. That would seem likely, but it’s a lot of money.

Strange things have happened before. I thought Nolan was done before his team won the SEC tournament near the end of his time. I think he thought he would be fired. He told me as much before going to the tournament, but he also said I plan to win it. He took four suits for four different games and used all of them.

Any truth the rumor that Broyles was paid over $1 million a year by the Razorback Foundation, long after he was replaced as AD?

Not true. He was paid $200,000 for two years. He did make speeches and help the Foundation in raising money. Frank’s salary was never big. I think one of the things that frustrated him was the salaries that were being given to coaches and ADs, compared to what he made.

This is a great thread, Clay can you explain how CC OL with 4 FR and a SO seemed to push us around and held there own quite a bit yesterday? Like some on here I question it,is the S & C program as good as advertised?

No one hates the idea of replacing CBB more than I do. I really like the man. I like his character, the way he has embraced hog culture & traditions, the way he seems to have recruited players of high character & who have stayed out of trouble & made their grades. I like his optimism & attitude. I liked his resume. I understood how injuries & things beyond his control have made it harder to win.

Having said all that, I now believe we must move in a different direction. (Caveat: if by some miracle we win 2 of the remaining 3 games, I’ll say give him another year, but we’re not winning 2 of the last 3. Not too likely to win any.) The game yesterday told me we have some major problems no matter how badly I’ve wanted to think otherwise. I doubt one player on that team could have gotten a scholarship here. Yet they outplayed us. Yes, I’m thrilled (well, mostly relieved) we came back to win, but this game shouldn’t have been close. Why was it close? It wasn’t talent. It wasn’t X’s & O’s. The team simply wasn’t ready to play. That has to fall on the coaches. This win was as bad as the loss against USC—even though it would’ve been worse had we actually lost the game. The team was just ill-prepared. I can overlook that in any coaching staff occasionally. Teams sometimes just don’t play with an edge. But this team hasn’t impressed all year (save the comeback against Ole Miss.) There are reasons that might excuse a lot of that. Maybe they’re all true. But he’s lost too much fan support & probably lost the team. Even a one year reprieve will make him the lamest of lame ducks. I’m not sure the program can afford that.

Thank you for clearing this up. I had heard elsewhere and was quite skeptical.

NEA, as is often the case, you have expressed my feelings to the extent that all I really need to do is say “yeah . . . what he said”.

I will just add that the contrast of our struggle yesterday with the fact that Arkansas State easily blew this team out a few weeks ago cannot have escaped the notice of those making decisions. That’s not the main thing - by far - but it surely doesn’t help CBB’s situation.

We are a “change weary” program who really needed some long term stability. Unfortunately, I now feel that further change is inevitable and imminent.

I agree with you both- when NeArkie and I are in alignment I must revise what I said earlier. Bret has not lost 90% of the fans. He’s lost 99% of the fanbase.

I thought it was five blocking three. Agim did look like he could handle his assignments in the short time he was out there. They just don’t seem to bring the fourth and fifth guy to over populate the line. The outside linebackers have to be involved in the front. Sometimes Ramsey was, sometimes he wasn’t. I see this scheme and don’t get it. Looks like the defensive linemen are just trying to “catch” the blockers and hold them, then react to either gap. It’s not an aggressive move. We were told last spring that these linemen liked the attack style that John Scott was teaching. I just don’t see that. I would like to see them get up the field and penetrate. That doesn’t happen.

The sparse crowd yesterday should have sent a major message to the AD who I think has blinders on when it comes to BB. I full expect him back if it’s 5-7 and a bowl which will be disaster for the program.

I agree with this. And, I continue to be frustrated by them just sitting back and taking it. It’s supposedly designed to avoid the big play. It obviously doesn’t work.

Then, once they get down they start taking chances and get a few stops.

It’s a “playing not to lose” mentality that permeates the program. I notice it a lot on offense when even against scrubs like Coastal we are slow slower and slowest getting plays in, getting to the line, running the offense, etc.

Why would you want to shorten a game in which you have a massive talent advantage? It makes no sense at all.

Oh really? You’ve talked to hundreds of fans and only 1% don’t want him fired immediately? That’s what you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. I doubt if 99% of the fans even care who the coach is, for one thing.

Why do you say this? I think JL’s silence is deafening. He typically tweets like a 15 year old teenie bopper. He has been very quiet on that platform of late.

At least, this is what I tell myself to sleep at night.

Come on Swine. Don’t you know he did a scientific study with a four percent margin of error?

Okie dokie - Just “ Keep supporting the coach until he’s not the coach” and all will be well. For this coach you only have 19 days or so. Best get to supporting!