Clay, Dudley, Matt

When will they have a complete football schedule for 2019 out? Thanks!

It should be sometime in early to mid-September.

Thanks Matt!

The teams are finalized, just awaiting dates for about half of the games.

Portland State, Aug. 31
Colorado State, Sept. 14
San Jose State, Sept. 21
Western Kentucky, Nov. 9
Missouri, Nov. 29 or 30 (Little Rock)
Mississippi State, likely Nov. 23

LSU, likely Nov. 16
Ole Miss

Texas A&M, Sept. 28

Looks like Sept. 7 will be an open date, unless they put a conference game there. And Ole Miss does not currently have a game scheduled on 9-7, so it’s conceivable they could send us to Oxford then.

I’d expect Bama on 10-5, Auburn on 10-26, and an open date on either 10-12 or 10-19. There are 14 football weekends in 2019 before Dec. 1 so we’ll have two open dates. Nov. 2, Sept. 7 and the two mid-October dates are all possible open dates if they put Bama and Auburn in the dates I listed above.

This will be announced today.