Clay, Dudley, Matt why in the world

did UA have its fall break when we had a home football game? We could have had fall break last week when we played Kentucky on the road. Has this ever happened before, if it has I’m wasn’t aware of it. Our attendance wasn’t going to be great Saturday but to take students out of the equation certainly didn’t help. It looked horrible on TV… it seems to me the administration and athletic department should work together on this!

I would assume the fall break has more to do with academics than football

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The University of Arkansas academic calendar is put together five years in advance. Good luck getting a football schedule to fit around that, in addition to all of the other considerations and wants of the other 13 universities in the league.

It basically falls at the midpoint of the semester. I think we’ve played an away game almost, if not every other time since they instituted a fall break. At least what I can remember the last 8 years with kids up there.

Well that explains it we are lucky to get 2 years in advance in football!

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