Clay, Dudley, Matt, Scottie? Question please

Since a good portion of us were so interested in the plane tail tracking, will you please find out when and where HY interviewed SP? In addition, if you could please try to verify the individuals interviewed on the Boca, Nola, etc. trip, that would be awesome.


Personally I’d rather y’all focus your energy at this time on the staff search and recruits. Like clay has said, maybe one day all this can get hashed out, like next summer or the summer after, but right now the health of this program needs to move forward.

And frankly the who what when where and why is totally immaterial now.

I personally feel we got as good as we possibly could have and much better than some we looked at.

So I personally am only looking forward, The future is not behind us.

The “yes sirrrrr!” tweet was from Sam’s house in Athens. Was that the interview? Maybe

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I completely agree huntinhog. It is time to move forward and get behind CSP! I don’t care whether he was our first choice or our fourth, fifth,etc. And, I don’t want to hear about the soap operas that may have occured during the search. Enough! I just don’t see what good that would do us now!!!

I think Sam was interviewed Sunday morning.

Thanks Clay.

I meant no disrespect to the current hire. I’m well pleased with Mr. Pittman. I was just looking for answers to other questions I have. Perhaps I should try later. :smile:

Sam’s interview was in his home in Athens.

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Thanks again, Sir.