Clay, Dudley, Matt on this hires

Why is it taking so long to hire coaches?

Is B not respected and a position on his staff coveted ?

I don’t think he planned to make new hires until after signing day, so it doesn’t have anything to with being respected or disrespected. He made the defensive line hire three days after Segrest was officially fired (he knew he would be gone for longer than that), so it’s only one position that has taken a little while to fill.

This isn’t something that is exclusive to Arkansas. The trend now is to wait until after signing day to make coaching changes. There have been changes all over the place the past several days: LSU let go of two coaches, Tennessee hired Brady Hoke as an assistant, Tracy Rocker left Georgia, etc.

Didn’t think it was taking long to hire.

Segrest was let go last weekend.

As for the other coach, I would suspect he has all in place by Feb. 20 - like he said last week at the press conference.

Really not much to do between now and then

Some hire by TN.

Yeah, Oregon had a stellar defense with him as the DC.

And don’t forget Saban lost his OC.

Oh yeah, my mention of Mallory yesterday, the DC was canned, so I may have got our new LB coach right. Makes sense and out of left field.

Recruiting name is a big plus. Coaching up is another thing.

Immediate draw goes to a past head coach.

TN has had several coaches with above average recruiting
ability, but the results have yet to be well defined on the

I think Bielema is thorough in the hiring process. But, when he announces something has nothing to do with when he actually locked onto his coach. He probably knew he was hiring this DL coach for a few weeks. Out of courtesy to Rory Segrest, he let Rory look for a new job and gave him a deadline. He didn’t find anything by the deadline (which I think was signing day). And, I think that’s a fair and good thing for a boss to do.

One thing I’ve always heard, take a long, long time in the hiring practice and fire quickly. Most of us do it the other way around. We hire quickly and let someone hang on too long. It appears to me that Bret goes about his task in the right way. He will dump a coach and then be thorough in the process of finding the replacement. It’s just that he might let them look for a few days before he actually announces a termination, as he did with Rory.