Clay . . . Dudley . . . Matt??? Lost threads?

Have we lsome threads lately?

I went back to check on some content from a thread from about 5-6 weeks ago. This was a thread Clay started, in which he had talked about the improved shooting he expected from Harris (among other topics covered). I took exception to that expectation and posted that I did not think we’d see any material increase in Harris’ 3 point shooting - stating that he was already in his 3rd year of D1 ball (including last season’s practice-only while red-shirting) and quoting his New Mexico stats. Clay replied and said he didn’t think that the red-shirt year meant anything, and that he thought he’d improve the next two years.

Several others then jumped on the thread with various criticisms of Harris (mostly, his shooting), and Clay came back and tried to pivot with a post that said (paraphrasing) that he never said anything about Harris’s 3-point shooting, specifically; just that he (Clay) thought Harris’ shooting “overall” would get better. To which I replied that his 2-point shooting (at that point, 48%) wasn’t a huge problem; it was his 15% (then - now 12%) shooting from distance that dragged him down. Since Harris will never be someone who makes 55% of his 2-point shots, if he’s going to improve his “overall shooting”, it HAS to come from 3 point shooting primarily. (I posted the two-point percentages of several other Hog guards, such as Joe Johnson, Lee Mayberry, etc. as a demonstration that it was unrealistic to expect Jalen to be much higher than his then-current 48% from two point range).

What happened to that thread? I have the URL for it, but it’s gone??? I saved it because I promised to come back to it after Jalen’s senior season to see if I was right, or wrong. But it’s gone.

I smell a cover-up, after Jalen’s 1-for-February performance. :lol:

Harris rebounds a little, dishes out dimes and blocks a shot every once in a while.
His poor 3 point shooting is only part of the problem. Stating point guards should be able to knock down free throws.
FG 79/231. 34.2%
3’s. 8/65. 12.3%
FT. 77/111. 69.4%

You can live with the 2’s but he don’t ever need to jack a 3 up! His free throw shooting isn’t impressive either.

FG. 33/100. 33%
3’s. 5/24. 20.8%
FT. 19/43. 45.2%

That’s not good shooting either. Why in the world would he want to jack up 3’s. He needs to work on his free throw shooting and stay with 10 feet of the rim.

FG. 70/157. 44.6%
3. 2/11. 18.2%
FT. 33/54. 61.1%

Decent from 2 never needs to put up a 3
Just needs to get up on his toes on his free throws. His shoot looks better than Gabe and Harris!

FG. 46/107 43%
3. 22/52. 42.3%
FT. 33/49. 67.3%

Here’s a player than just needs the minutes to produce.

FG. 46/135. 34.1%
3. 22/84. 26.2%
FT. 18/26. 69.2%

His injury set him back. I believe he has a good stroke on his shot.

FG. 126/311. 40.5%
3. 70/194. 36.1%
FT. 107/135. 79.3%

FG. 139/324. 42.9%
3. 106/247. 42.9%
FT. 51/66. 77.3%

He can shoot the ball. He needs to get to the feee throw line more and that will come as he starts taking the ball to the rim.

FG. 73/135 55.1%
3. O
FT. 17/33. 51.5%

Man here’s a 4 that needs minutes. He can make the mid range shot and knows he don’t need to take 3’s. He needs a little work shooting free throws!

FG. 208/315 66%
3. 0
FT. 111/218. 59%

There’s a snapshot of our offense and our shooting. Poor free throw shooting. Cut out the 3’s from Adrio, Harris and Gabe would increase the 3 point % and take 2’s or go to the hole.

I’m certain the owners, since they own it and set the rules, and those they give authority to can can delete all or parts of threads. Certainly, they will avoid offending too much of the fan base, less they choose to read and post elsewhere. I’m satisfied with their rules and actions so I choose to read and post.

Not sure what your point is??? I don’t think I disagree (???), but don’t know why you made that comment in the context of this short thread?

The thread I inquired about (that recently vanished) was not nearly as volatile or contentious as other threads I have seen that have not been deleted. And I know the thread was there a couple of weeks back (because I looked at it). So, I’m just wondering why it disappeared, and/or if it had nothing to do with content and is another kind of issue/concern (disappearing threads that weren’t deleted on purpose).

Basically there are three people (Matt, Marty and me) who delete threads, and I didn’t delete that one. And it’s highly unlikely to have been one of the others for reasons I will not divulge. I have found sometimes when a thread is old it becomes hard to find. Wiz, you might go back through a list of your old posts (“My Posts” on the red toolbar) and see if you can find it that way.

I may have deleted it but not intentionally. I post stories and then also pin them to the top. I may have tried to unpin it and deleted it. If I did delete it, it would have been by accident – using the admin tool and hit a button to delete instead of to un-pin it. Those buttons are pretty close and worded closely. My apologies. That was an interesting thread and I enjoyed it.

I haven’t deleted anything in a long time, maybe back to when one guy apparently got loaded after a Razorback football loss and thought it would be good to talk about the attractiveness of Coach B’s wife in a very crude way

It was not. He was a drive by poster anyway.

I did that - and I went through Clay’s posts as well. I can pinpoint the dates between which it would have been posted (because I referred to the thread in another post just a few days later), and I went through the forum day-by-day and looked at EVERY post. It’s just been removed/lost. Very odd. (Here’s a post I made a few days after the lost thread that contains links back to it - one link is to a thread that is still valid, but 3 links go to posts on a different thread that is dead - that’s the one I’m talking about . . . viewtopic.php?f=6&t=24465&start=10).

By the way - to Clay - that bit about the “cover-up” was all tongue in cheek. You probably know that, but it’s hard to know sometimes how the written word (vs. something said in person) will be interpreted. Even with a smiley emoticon included.

“By the way number 2” - to those that don’t know it . . . SF mentioned (above) one way that you can find your old posts. But if you’re looking for something specific, there’s another that many may not be aware of. In any of the forums, just above the “tacked” threads at the top, there is a window to “search this forum”, and a link to an advanced search where you can search some/all of the forums, look by specific poster, etc. I use the advanced search quite a bit.

Please: Everybody can improve, even you with your negative perspective

Please: Everybody can improve, even you with your negative perspectives

Thanks for your articulate and insightful contribution to the thread.

Both of them.

I don’t remember deleting anything like that, but I can’t make any promises. Sometimes when a thread gets out of hand it is easier to delete it than to delete all the individual posts that quote or make reference to others in the thread. And once the thread is deleted, it is deleted permanently.