Clay, Dudley, Matt do you think

Harsin is still a possibility or has that shipped sailed? He wouldn’t be my 1st choice but he certainly would be much better than some names that are being mentioned. He is a good solid coach BUT is he interested in a rebuilding job?

I have not heard much about Harsin since Sunday. Don’t know if that was a trial baloon or what. He is a good coach.

Clay, are you still hearing Muffin mostly?

Kiffin , I hate this iPad sometimes


I think there are several in the mix. Kiffin is still one of them.

LOL, I though Muffin was some derisive nickname that people had for Kiffin, like Bert for Bret Bielema.

Clay, I don’t know if it was intentional, but I laughed out loud when you used “in the mix” in reference to his initial post of “Muffin” caused by spell-check. I still have to buy Jiffy muffin mix for my 94 year old mother.

Unless that plane is going back out later in the week for another round of interviews, I don’t think Harsin was included. Lewiston ID is 270 miles from Boise, 32 miles from Wazzu.

I thought it appropriate. Stir it up.

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Clay, I know that there is a push for Butch, I personally have thought that Butch made more sense for the current state of the program than anyone. Especially if he were able to groom the coach that would follow him. What are your thoughts on the possibility?

The only one pushing for Butch is you.

Truly. I don’t think Butch is even pushing for Butch. Must be a Springdale neighbor.

Those of you who don’t think Butch has support among some big boosters and who don’t think he would take the job are just fooling yourself.

I am certain on these two things.

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They are 10 years too late on Butch Davis…I’m sorry, that would be a terrible hire.

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Please, no Butch Davis.

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Not true.

Surprisingly this is very accurate. Everyday he gains support. I mentioned him last week for this reason but thought it would fizzle. It hasn’t. It has grown. Crazy.

I hear ya. But he’s a very safe pick. If the goal is to get the ship righted for the next guy, not only would he be on board but with that idea but he’d correctly steer the ship. We can’t mess this pick up and get worse. We have to stabilize first. Can’t be thinking about the home run. Just get hits. The runs will come.

John Tyson, Wally Hall, other ADG people, and Arkansas media trying to sabotage the hiring of Kiffin. And this is all because they can’t get Gus and think Kiffin is this toxic guy. It’s a joke. And an even bigger joke is hiring a 68 YEAR OLD friend just so the old money can once again get in the way of HY doing his job. If HY had balls, and this happens, he should resign and let the AD post remain vacant.

This is why the football program is where it is.

Didn’t Butch Davis get UNC into trouble for recruiting violations?

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